Mug’s Tale’s Specials – Text #1

Mug’s Tale

by B.


I was offered as a gift

I was taken out of my package

Opened up in a large room

With a view on the sea,

The first apartment of my mistress.

I got walked to the window sill

And sat there for a while

Then got taken out, Just out the door,

Or in the frame.


There, in this charming atmosphere

Absent-minded reveries,

Thoughtful gestures,

Preoccupied looks,

All called for my use, and

Warmed me up, time and again,

There and then.


There, I touched hands, lips,

Warmed up faces tenderly

Got cupped up and kissed repeatedly.

How lovely was my existence then…

I wish I could talk to express

Just how much love I witnessed.


The warm liquid I received and offered

Had the power to lift up spirits,

Or ease them rapidly,

One sip after another,



At first I was my mistress’ favorite.

She seized me everyday.

My existence and hers seemed to be linked in a way.

She could not keep her hands off me, yet again her lips,

Even just for a day.

Whenever she reached out for me,

She would hold me dearly.


I wasn’t sure whether her emotions came from holding me,

Or from drinking the liquid life inside of me.

Maybe it was a little bit of both.

They started in the habit of my warm comforting feel,

And got enhanced by the potions of happiness,

She poured herself in my caring heart-warming self.


I got washed and cleaned up so many times,

my beautiful designs

Started to fade. She was using me out of habit now.

I could feel the comfort didn’t start with me anymore.

It was all brought by my liquid partner inside.


A man started to visit my mistress’ place.

He used me once or twice,

Then brought in a new set.

She would use those when he was there.


She continued to hold on to me, when he wasn’t around.

Out of habit, out of attachment,

I couldn’t tell.


Until one day, they moved out.

Three more sets were bought,

And I was placed at the back of the closet.

I was rarely ever touched –

Once to be relocated,

Another to be moved out of the way

To reach something that was sitting just behind me.


If I could feel I would probably say I grew cold and lonely,

Gathering dust at the back of the shelf.

I’d learnt to look forward to the split instants,

When a ray of sun would brush my varnished clay,

When the wooden gates that jailed me were flung open,

Even if it was just a fleeting moment.


These days, the soft brush of skin was not even rare delight

Anymore. It was a memory of a time passed,

Long gone. I knew the day would come,

When the cell I was held in

Would get too small for its contents,

And the eldest occupants would get thrown out

To free that space.


Today was my last day as a recipient.

Today I got broken into ten thousand pieces.

Large bits, smaller ones, tiny specks, dust,

I landed all over the room then hoped on shoes soles, thus

Specks of me would get to see the wider world.

Soon my consciousness would reach new borders.

I thought my life would be over,

The second I would leave this place,

And loose this shape,

But it isn’t.

Life has just started a new cycle,

And is now merely expanding horizons.

Thank you for reading!

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