Inspiring Photographs – #1

A Force To Behold

By B.

No matter the weather this lake is a force to behold, so majestic, powerful and energizing. It’s overwhelming, almost intoxicating.


I love running to it, and watching its moods unfold, just sitting by its side, and enjoying the clapping of the tiny ripples on its surface, watching the sun set on foreign land on the opposite bank.

We are so lucky to set our bewildered eyes on so many magnificent earthly sceneries every day of our lives.

Here is a post to celebrate it. To celebrate the many faces of our incredible planet.

(Note: This photograph was taken on the 19th of May, 2015 and the words that go with it were typed on the spot on my phone. At that moment, my emotions were so strong that they took me by force and I had to get them out of me, write them down before I could resume running.)

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