Mug’s Tale’s Official Launch

Mug’s Tale is still private for now, it will be switched to public mode on Friday, January 29th, 2016, midnight (Paris time) – date of the official launch. 

blog under construction

For now, the blog is still undergoing construction and only the VIP Members (i.e. our close friends and authors we are trying to recruit) have access to Mug’s Tale. If you can read those lines, it means you belong to that circle.

Some links are not working on the blog just yet. That is because the posts they are linked to are pending publishing. I am thinking of the Weekly Writing Workshop for example. We publish the titles of the upcoming texts as soon as we receive them, but the texts themselves will always have to wait for the writing deadline to have passed to be released online.

If you notice any other typos, or malfunctions please drop us a line at

If you have suggestions for the blog or themes you would like us to consider for our writing workshops, drop us a line at

You can already start and contribute to all the workshops on the blog, just send us posts and we will publish them.

Thank you so much for having accepted our invitation and for being there in the early stages of the creation of our blog!

We believe that with your support this project will rock! Follow us!

A big hug to you guys!

B. and Ninefifteen.


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