WWW #1 – A Fork in the Road – Text #2

A Fork in the Road

by B.

When I reach a fork in the road,

And pick a way,

I don’t look back, no way.


I move right ahead,

And to the future.


“What” and “If”s are altogether too pricy,

Painful, and incompatible with reality.

What is done is done.

All we can do is move on.


Use the past as a testimony,

Filled up with many a memory,


The present as an arena,

Your terra viva,


And the future as a blank slate,

On which you can write your own fate,


So go!

Go on,

And explore!


Whatever you feel like doing,

Building, sharing, living,

Do it, build it, share it, live it!


Life is past, present and future.

All you need is to make sure

Those seats are made fast and secure


Reality is no fantasy

“What” and “if”s simply

Can’t attend the party.


If anywhere

They belong to a future you would prepare,

So keep them there.

And at last they will take you somewhere.






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