A Pathway to Your Soul (1)

Letter #1 – The Scientist

by Hailie Andersen


Friday, February 20th, 2054, Ankhor Territories

Dear Seth,

I don’t know if these words will ever reach you. In the hope that they do, now, or even one day, in the future, I am projecting them in my head anyway.

I have been approached by a physics professor at work, this morning. Every time he visits our store, his mere presence in the room sends me the most unsettling vibes I have ever gotten from anyone. Mostly, we see him passing through though. This morning was the first time he lingered around to chat to any one at all. Out of the whole room, he picked me to start a conversation with.

You know how much I care about chitchat. When I saw him step forward you can imagine how puzzled the look on my face was. I tried to shove him off, but he would not let go. When I tried to escape to the kitchen, he grabbed my arm. That is when I turned around, prepared to tell him all I thought about intrusive types like him. Instead, I met his gaze.

There was something about his eyes that stopped my anger from unraveling, and settled my heart. Something kind and truthful that told me I could trust him, even though I did not know him. You know me, I always believe in what I see in people’s eyes – optical pathways to our souls.

That is how I fell in love with you. That is how I knew without a doubt that you were the only one for me. I could see clearly all the way into your soul. I could walk in and out of there unscathed – fortified even. The beauty of your perception of the world transported me. The first time, I wandered in, I knew. Out of all the truly interesting people in this world, you were the one standing out to me.

The Professor – he told me his name is Professor Jehr – was determined to entertain me with his theory. He told me he believed I have unique, uncanny abilities. It is not like anything he has ever encountered before. He said he would need to test me to confirm it all, but the preliminary results of his general observations were pretty much ironclad. He put it out there simply, so that I could understand. According to him, I am a telepath.

He told me that as he was observing, studying wave patterns, networks of travelling information, he spotted patterns of transgression around my neighborhood. At first, he thought those could be mere irregularities, anomalies caused by his outdated equipment. As a man of science though, he had to keep looking. You cannot dismiss anomalies you encounter in your research, in case they are not really anomalies, but discoveries.

He explained it all to me in words I could understand. Basically, he thinks my thoughts can literally transport themselves anywhere I wish and most likely be used as a means of communication, if the receptor is opened to the wavelength on which I transmit. “The poor bloke is out of his mind. Can you believe that? What a creepy thing to say! This has to be wrong. He thinks I am a radio. What is he hoping to sell me, here?”

Those were my first thoughts, but then I looked into his eyes again and I knew he believed in what he was saying. So I had to give him a chance to convince me too.

That is why I am chatting to you now sharing this letter I wrote for you, but since I do not know where you are, or if you are. I am using my mind as a freak-transmitting device instead of the mail.

Even away, you have never left my heart. That is why I thought that maybe, just maybe, if there was someone in this whole world, I could actually reach out to that way, it was you. I cannot check if it is working. But professor Jehr said I need a strong connection to communicate, and for me there is only you.

I know you would tell me to be safe, if you were here, beside me, but I believe in this man’s eyes. There is a clear pathway to his soul, just like there is to yours. I don’t feel at home in there, but I feel safe. I know I can trust him. So, I caught myself thinking that maybe, just maybe, he is right about my uncanny abilities.

That is when I started writing, and hoping that maybe, just maybe, my letter could get to you, wherever you are. If ever there was such a chance of reaching out to you, I had to take it, no matter how crazy this all sounds.

So here I am writing and reading it out to you, holding on to that chance, and the hope that the love of my life is still alive and well, somewhere out there.

Yours Always,



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