Featured Challenge # 19 – Love Letters – Text #1

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A Pathway to Your Soul

by Hailie Andersen

In 2054, Earth is torn out by war and people are disappearing all over.

Seth is one of those missing souls. He was Lakhi’s lover.

They had been each other’s whole worlds until one day, a year ago, he walked out of her tea shop, and out of her life. They were supposed to meet again at her place that evening, but he never showed up

She looked for him everywhere, yet could not find him. Lakhi has to go on without him. She cannot give up hope though. She has to believe that he is alive out there somewhere. So she writes to him every week, sometimes everyday, hoping that he will get to read them someday.

Until, one day, a strange man, walks into her shop and into her life. He opens up her eyes to a whole new world. His science brings her hope. There might be a way for her to reconnect to her beloved Seth. All she has to do is think of him, concentrate and read those words out loud to let them travel all the way to him.


#LoveLetters #JustWriteIt

10.000 words in 30 days #Wattpad challenge.

Read it on Wattpad – Hailie Andersen’s A Pathway to Your Soul


21 thoughts on “Featured Challenge # 19 – Love Letters – Text #1

  1. ‘Juste read the intro and the two first letters ! I know it’s been twice and just minutes appart, but I (and probably many others) want more; we want novels out of your stories (or at least a collection of shorts stories) !!! Keep it up !!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww! Thank you! I am writing as often as I can. My body and sleeping pattern have been taking a big hit lately because of this constant urge to write…
      Thank you VD for your support and enthusiasm!
      I will do my best not to disappoint 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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