WWW #5 – Absence – Text #2


by B.


Your absence reveals your presence

A moment ago you were here with me,

Your hand, intertwined with mine,

Then wrapped around my body to draw me closer to you

Yet it is now, in your absence, that you feel closest.


My body and mind remember you, as if you had never left.

Hints around me remind me of you being there

The pillow in my room, where you lay your head

While holding on to me, still holds your smell

Prisoner, as if its material answered my prayer

Letting a part of you stay here forever,


That sweet scent, lingering,

Belonging to the past yet present. I close my eyes

And here you are. Your eyes dive into mine.

Your gaze tears me apart.


No fortress is guarding me from you.

In your absence, there is no wall.

These remains of you, signs of your stay,

Are granted access to my deepest thoughts.

The fact that you aren’t here is the key that lets you in.


Traces of you being here once are merging with these objects.

Around me, my familiars are becoming one with your presence.

They would know me, if they had a soul.

As they don’t, they borrow yours,

And spring alive.


By bits and pieces, your picture is forming in front of me

Assembling words, images… and moments,

My mind is patching you up. In the morning light,

You see right through me and smile.

Bright as light, your prospect is daunting, yet I want more.


Still. It’s time to go.

I close the door.




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