A Pathway To Your Soul (2)

Letter #2 – Harvesting Hope

By Hailie Andersen


Saturday, February 21th, 2054, Rockham-Sakbir Jail County


My Love,


I know it has been a while since I last picked up a pen. It is not that I do not think of you. It is that I do, but I cannot afford showing signs of hope. Hope is very costly in this place. They break you. They break every last trace of you, your thoughts, your personality… your memories. They focus on your memories. Their aim is to change you, to turn you into one of them, and harvest you – soul and body. This place uses your hope against you. It taints everything out of you.

I cannot have you tainted. You are the only home I have got, nestled on a far away shore. You are the powerful anchor that keeps my mind sane, as my corpse is drowning in these dark troubled waters.

You are my lighthouse.

Everyday I play “you and I” together, our love, our life, our story, the whole of us. I patch you up with memories. You appear to me, ever so perfect, distant and ethereal. Evanescent. I have tried to concentrate, meditate, but I cannot hold on to the sweet apparition of your face, your whole figure, more than a few seconds at a time. You break apart. The slightest noise draws me out of my reverie, and your image gets shattered instantly. Pieces of you get sent back to their embedded place, in the mosaic of my mind, to be later on recalled when I summon them again.

Last night was different. I do not have to hide, or sneak around about it. Even the ARES project cannot take last night away from me. That is why I picked up my pen again. You were there in front me holding a taste of reality. I could feel your presence just feet away. You were there talking to me, I could not make out all the words, but I got to see you. I got to hear your soft voice chanting the melody of your words out to me. I got the gist of your message too. It was something about a professor and hope. Your hope. Renewed. A way to contact me… You talked about writing and reading, so I will do it too. I would do anything to reach out to you.

Even if it were just to tell you, I could hear you.

I can hear you Lahki. My Lahki, I am so relieved you are alive. My love, speak to me. Again. Today. Tomorrow. Next week. Next Month. Speak to me.

I will be there on the receiving end, expecting your words, hoping to be offered a sight of you again.


With all my Love,








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