A Pathway to Your Soul (4)

Letter # 4 – Resisting Doubt

By Hailie Andersen

Saturday, February 28th, 2054, ITF Quarters, Rockham-Sakbir Jail County


My Lahki,


I have not heard from you, seen you in so long. I am starting to doubt myself. Still I cannot.

I cannot explain it. I know I did not just dream about you last week, Lahki. I saw you appear, out of the blue, right there in front of me. I know you could not be there in the flesh. Their recruiting style covers male-only. They want to create their own Frankenstein’s Army. Killing us all, one by one, and rising us up from the dead, once they have evicted every last piece of who we were.

I hold on to who I was, who I am. Half of me was you, half of me is you. It is the “you” part of me, I cannot forget. Because of you, they are experiencing trouble with me. Besides you know me. As always, at first, when you try to get to me, I am resisting.

I am resisting my doubts too. I know it was you. It has to be. My imagination is limited by my reality – we both know that – I have never been the creative one.

You told me things, my mind could not have made up. You said you were still alive. You said your city had not died. You mentioned something about it being tricked into disappearance. Our city is still out there. And so are you. You are alive and kicking.

All I can hope for now is for you to visit me again. How delightful it would be to witness your figure pop up and appear again, then speak, move and spring alive right before my eyes the way you did last week.

Please do my love, pop up and appear, even if it is all just a treat for my eyes, that will leave my touch wanting.

I am always in the mood for a tease, and for you… there is no doubt!

There can be no room for doubt, when you are resisting. I can feel them getting to me. Reaching out to my core. I can’t let them. I need to resist my love. For you, Lahki, I have to.

Please come and comfort me.

I need you now, possibly more than ever before.


Yours eternally,


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6 thoughts on “A Pathway to Your Soul (4)

  1. Your letters remind me of the serialized novels you could find in the 19th-century magazines ! (I’m not old enough to have read them though ! ;)) Always leaving you wanting for more !!! Good job ! ‘Waiting for the other ones ! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you VD!
      I am glad you are enjoying reading them! I will be posting new ones very soon! I do not have a choice on the matter anyway, remember, it has to be finished in 30 days – all 10.000 words. Now that is what I call a challenge!

      Liked by 1 person

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