Inspiring Photographs #3

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Crossing Paths
by B.


Concrete arch crashes

Down, reaches out and over,

Framed – iron bending banister.


Lines, curves, and edges –

Shadows cast under,

Light shining over –


Anchoring archer’s arrow,

Linking frames

Up and below.


Creative design flowing

Rigid path bending matter,

Stepping over.


Substantial narrow lanes

Letting souls hold on to

Spacious manes,


Evolving, growing around

Stable ground,

Artificial avenues.


Free forms, manmade platforms,

Controlled space

Taming nature’s norms.


Emerging arteries,

Synthetic body giving ways,

Contouring wilderness.


Fabricated joining spaces,

Borrowed matter

Closing gaps – places.


Measured garments,

Artificial elements

Leading way, and letting flow.


Strolling lines, shortcuts

Imagined and traced by doodlers, fixers,

Bet on by gamblers,


Followed by strangers,

Taken by neighbors,

Then repaired, replaced, or forgotten;


Rerouting destinies,

Rewriting probabilities,

Crossing paths.


These pictures were taken in Toulouse, on Wednesday February 24th 2016 around noon. I was running on the path situated on the banks of the Canal du Midi.

The bridge that appears on the pictures is located after the train station on the way to the Port de l’Embouchure.

The weather was gorgeous and it was 17°C out! Just plain amazing!









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