A Pathway to Your Soul (5)

Letter #5 – Distorting Truth, Corrupting Hope
By Hailie Andersen

Monday, March 2nd, 2054, ITF Quarters, Rockham-Sakbir, Jail County


My Love,


You have been silent. You said you would try and reach out to me, when I had this vision of you. It has been two weeks. I am getting worried. Either one of these hypotheses is true: -1- you are alive but your life is in sheer danger, or
-2- I am utterly and completely loosing my mind.

You were there. I could feel you.

Since then there has been something in my heart, a presence that feels like you. It tells me that you are still out there. I have never felt you there that strongly before. It is like I have developed a sixth sense, something resembling intuition but only connected to you.

Still I am afraid the second hypothesis might turn out true due to other circumstances than you.

I am losing my mind in this place.

I need you.

I told you they corrupt your hope, and all those inspiring feelings you harbor inside of you. Everything that keeps your spirit alive and unique they corrupt and distort to the core.

They shift around your mind-awakening critical thinking, and model it to their advantage. They change the angle of vision to whichever setting suits their needs. They angle the terms of approach to whatever positioning best answers their infamous purposes.

They only tell the truth, but they choose these truths carefully. They stick to parts of it. In so doing, they manage to take the truthful taste out of truth. They manipulate words to make everything sound confusing. They loose you in analytics, and then convince you in rhetoric.

They make new of old ways just to clear it all out for you. They use irrational links that they make up just for the occasion. That is how they make you think that you can see the whole thing their way too. It is limpid. You will then claim that you see it just like they do. It appears so clearly to you now.

They make your former existence – and all the hope you could still hang on to – feel rancid, expired, like bad milk.

I can feel their dirty paws grabbing hold of my soul.

I am scared, my love.

I am scared I will lose my mind in this place.

I am scared I will lose you.

I love you.

I need you.

Talk to me. Appear to me. Come back to me, Lahki.


Yours painfully,



P.S. In case, you are wondering ITF or in case I lose my mind and forget, I overheard one of them use the words Intensive Training Facility. So I guess it must be that.

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6 thoughts on “A Pathway to Your Soul (5)

    1. Thank you D.! ❤ I am so glad you think so! I share it here and on WattPad, it is part of the JustWriteIt LoveLetters challenge. I have to write 10.000 words in under 30 days. 6.000 down, 4.000 to go, which means more intense coming up soon!

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