A Pathway to Your Soul (6)

Letter #6 – Off Chance Apologies

By Hailie Andersen

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2054, Town of Johba, Ankhor Territories


Dear Seth,


In the off chances you ever perceived, or really received my first message, the way I hopelessly intended, you must be so lost right now. I know I have not kept my word. I know I have not written, read, nor appeared to you again to tell you more. My mind has been focused on you the whole time though, hoping that you would feel my presence in thoughts by your side, always.

There has been no improvement of my so-called abilities between then and now, though. I still cannot hear anything from you, even if I concentrate on you with all my might. My mind is just as blocked now, as it was then.

Everything has been put on hold – my learning process has come to a halt. I am on the run. I have no idea where Professor Jehr is. I am afraid for his life. I do not know, if you can hear me, but if you can, you are probably thinking I am crazy. Then again you might not be. The fact that you would be getting this message might be a lot more to handle, than the crazy tales it contains.

I think those men were trying to get to me. Why?! Why would they want me?

Jehr said he worked for no one. He was overtly paranoid. His whole place was off the network, secluded. He had built in a remote area, purposely. I can tell you he had some serious convincing to perform, before I followed him all the way to his lab. But you know, his eyes inspired me, so I did.

I called in sick at work to have time to figure this all out. I said I had goat flu. I knew that would put them off from pressuring me to come back. There was some paranoia about it a few months back. All staff members were very affected by the news. Some of them showed up wearing masks, and insisted on wearing them on their shifts. I could not refuse. It was their strictest right. So instead I threw in a themed week, and asked them to decorate them, in order not to scare the clients away.

We were all dressed up in an over-polluted alternate-future kind of way. It turned out to be a lot of fun. On top of that, it provided me with a great excuse I could use as a leave of absence – a formidable excuse that would not be questioned by the staff.

Jehr and I had only been talking there for a few hours. I wish I had had more time to discuss with him.

He told me all about BTB – Brain-To-Brain – communication. He briefed me in everything scientists have tried using computers and machines as an interface. I learned about the way our brain works like an electrical device, so it can send and receive messages in form of flashing light patterns. Then, if said messages can be identified and decoded by the receiver, there will be some form of telepathic communication established. Although most scientists are afraid of that word, Jehr told me. It has been used way too much as a spiritual sham.

He told me about cell-to-cell communication and synaptic transmission, he said it is when chemical signals are passed between cells. Those signal result in electrical spikes in the receiving cell. He said it is how we move, feel, remember, and perceive all the things around us. I am still grasping on all of that input.

He was telling me about brain waves occurring because all of our cells are connected in a network, and working all at once in a synchronized fashion. Brain waves are like a synchronized pulse of electrical activity. He was telling me this was how he found me. We were discussing just that, when armed people dressed in suit came to Jehr’s flat.

We heard them approach. Without a word, Jehr gestured me into hiding. I was crouching in the trapped floor right under the carpet where they were standing when it happened. I heard my name spoken repeatedly. Jehr remained stern and unconcerned the whole time. Opening his mouth only to call out his rights and mention names of his contacts in high places. I saw one of the men jerk at one of those names. “Rockham-Sahkbir” It doesn’t ring a bell to me.

They came looking for me purposely. Why? I am nobody. Jehr was protecting me, he could not have been the one who had rated me out. This didn’t make sense at the time. Neither does it now.

I am on the run, all alone, and afraid. I do not know what to do, or where to go.

I have rented a room in a tiny Bed and Breakfast about thirty miles away from Jehr’s lab. I walked all night to get to this town, and waited until 5 PM to ask for a room.

I figured obscurity would be my best cover. I look like a random backpacking traveller, who has been robbed of her backpack. Fortunately I had some cash on me to pay for those expenses.

I also figured I should not use my credit card or my real name in case unknown scary men in unidentifiable uniforms would poke their nose and menacing muscular arms looking for me.

I am Tasha now, for the purpose of this undercover mission to get you back.

I hope I will find you before they find me.

I love you, and I am sorry about having been silent for so long. I hope that you can hear this, and forgive me in the off-chances that you can receive me.

Jehr has not had time to teach me how to receive telepathic messages… His work on me had just started, when we got separated. By snatching his protesting body, they also captured his overspecialized mind, and took my best chances of being reunited with you in this lifetime away from me.

My letters will have to remain a one-way road for now, for an indefinite time.


Yours faithfully always,


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