A Pathway to Your Soul (7)

Letter #7 – Scorched

By Hailie Andersen


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2054, ITF Quarters, Rockham-Sakbir, Jail County


Lahki! My Lakhi!

I heard you! You were there again! Of course I forgive you! I love you so much. When I saw your body manifest out of thin air, I ran to it. I ran to you, and when my body reached the place where my brain was projecting you, I passed right through you. I stepped back, while you were still addressing me, telling me about professor Jehr’s abduction, you escaping.

I stepped back so that I could see you again. You were right there in front of me – reading to me. I could feel the loss, and heartbreak in your voice. Your tone was broken, the expression on your face so heavily loaded with sadness.

I could see you. I wanted to touch you, comfort you, embrace you. So I drew my hand forward tentatively. Your misty pixelized shape got torn apart instantly, and dissipated in the way of a thousand specks of dust floating in the air, weightless, as my flesh ran through your soft shape.

Lahki! My Lahki! You were there in front of me, yet I could not touch you. I could hear you, yet I could not reach you. I needed you and you were there.

The comfort of your sight brought me back to life. I thought I was gone. They tortured me today. Their ways are unspeakable. They took me to a large conference room with white walls. There was nothing there but a giant screen and three chairs. One for me, and two more for the men in white suits speaking to me.

They showed me images of you. You appeared on the ground, lifeless in all appearances. I cried all the tears I thought I did not have left in me. I broke. My heart broke, and then they showed me more. They showed me despair, desolation, darkness.

They showed me our streets. They showed me my own body scorched lying motionless on the floor. They projected pictures of ambulances gathering bodies or survivors, and trucks towing trailers, picking and piling up corpses by thousands.

Our city was in ruins. It looked like it had been destroyed by a dozen war missiles. There were no buildings, no landmarks left standing. I told them this was all a lie. It had to be a lie. I told them I remembered that night. I was picked up by armed men dressed in dark army suits.

The man on the left argued it was my imagination making up for a gap in my memory. He showed me pictures and insisted I had a look at them. He said my badly burnt body was loaded on a bus. He added it was not a raid. It was a rescue mission. The men in black suit were there to handle the situation, save as many souls as they could. They were there to escort them out of the war zone.

There had been rumors about a group of activists threatening to bomb the nation state. The government was refusing to send people the means necessary to prevent a revolution from happening under their nose. So the international alliance stepped in. Men dressed in black or white suits, who had sworn to protect the planet and ensure peace.

They were the good guys, stepping in, saving humanity from doom. There was something off about the setting of those pictures, the tone of their voices. There was something I could not believe.

And there was you – your figure popping up in my head still telling you were alive and well. And there was you – a lifeless corpse on the ground – stunning, cold, bronze, marble-faced, peaceful, breathless statue.

I was lost. I did not know what to believe. I wanted to believe in you. But then lifeless you popped up in my mind, and I cried. I cried my eyes out. As my bodily fluids flood out of me, my hope was progressively restored, and I would believe. Then your corpse would appear to me, and I would start aching again, uncontrollably, fearing for the worst.

Endless hopeless cycle. I was in my own version of hell – condemned to see you die, spring back to life, just to be taken from me and reborn again.

All day long.


That is when you appeared.

All my hope was restored.

I love you my Lahki, I believe my visions. I know you are alive.

I will fight this. I will find a way to stay alive and hold you in my arms again.


I am and will be…

Yours, eternally,



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