A Pathway To Your Soul (10)

Letter #10 – Hospitalized

By Hailie Andersen


Friday, March 6th, 2054, ITF Quarters, Rockham-Sakbir, Jail County


My Lakhi,

I saw a picture of you in my file today. A picture of you the way you described yourself in your nightmare… With those tubes and all… I am confused. Just as confused as you were yesterday. There is something so wrong about this whole society. I am disgusted. I wish they would just stop their games and take me to you. I don’t know what to do. I have no way to figure out my next move.

Without you by my side I don’t feel whole. I can’t think straight. I can’t act smart.

I am lost Lahki. What is wrong with you? Why did they have those pictures of you dead and now this picture of you in some sort of hospital bed with life support?

There was a date on the photograph I saw. 02/20/2054. That is the day when I first saw you appear in front of me out of thin air. How are you talking to me, if you are in a coma?

There is a man in a white coat by your side. He is holding a note pad in his hands. I have no idea who he is.

I can hear them coming. I have to stop writing. I will get back to you tomorrow. I love you and hope you are safe and this is another of their deceitful schemes to get me to join them.

Whatever they are trying to have me believe, I won’t. Not unless I see it with my own eyes. Not unless I touch it with my own hands. Not unless they take me to you and I see you that way.

Until then I will believe you are safe and sound in your B&B bedroom.


I love you,



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