A Pathway To Your Soul (11)

Letter #11 – Realization

By Hailie Andersen

Saturday, March 7th, 2054, Intensive Care Facility, Rockham-Sakbir, Jail County


My Lakhi,

You are in a coma. They took me to you and I met your professor Jehr. He is the scientist in charge of your recovery.

You got two things right about him. He is a professor. He seems to be trying to help you. However he is indeed working for the government, or for whoever runs those labs. He is not his own man.

I am still shocked by the sight of you in that bed. I got to touch your hand and feel your warmth.

You are alive, but barely Jehr told me.

The medical team said they could not let the staff of the ITF inform me before, because they had no idea of who you were, and genuinely thought you were dead. That was until you muttered my name two days ago and they linked my file to yours and they had to get it to the board of scientists before they could inform me. Until two days ago, they called you Tasha. Jehr named you after his favorite character in the Jarhed series. He says it is the best trilogy he has ever read.

He offered to lend it to me but I declined, arguing that reading is more your thing than it is mine.

Jehr says I am the only one who can save you.

He says you won’t respond to his tests anymore. You’ve retreated somewhere in your brain. I can’t remember the technical terms he used. All I gathered is that only someone familiar can save you now.

The medical staff will link me to you tomorrow. They will make both our consciousness merge.

Jehr told me I will end up in a sort of labyrinth, an ever-morphing place, whose appearance shifts according to your moods and memories. Only I am likely to get out of there unscathed, because I have shared so many memories with you. Jehr tried to reassure me. He said that, in theory, you should welcome me in your mind, and try to shelter me from the dangers lurking in there.

He says anything can happen.

If I die in your inner world, I will die in my inner world, and be declared brain dead in real life.

It is a risk I am willing to take.

I had to sign a discharge, promising not to sue the hospital and the authorities if I don’t make it out alive. How stupid is that? How can I sue them if I am dead? Anyway I signed the damned thing. I would sign anything at all if it meant it would take me back to you.

They have never done anything like that.

My chances to save you are slim. Very slim.

I just hope I can see you and talk to you.

I will take the slimmest chances in getting you back, as an upgrade from what they were a couple of weeks ago, when I had no idea of your “life/death” status, nor your whereabouts at all.

Jehr said I had to get a long night rest, if I wanted to increase the probability rate of this operation working.

It is 10:00 PM. I am signing off now.

I will see you tomorrow my love. And every single day of my remaining lifespan until I get you back to life.

I love you.

In sickness and in health, I’ll support you, and be the anchor in your mind, the one that brings you back to life.

I believe in our odds. We have made it so far, what’s another dive into the unknown, right?


Forever yours,



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