A Pathway To Your Soul (12)

Letter #12 – Tests and Speeches

By Hailie Andersen


Sunday, March 8th, 2054, Intensive Care Facility, Rockham-Sakbir, Jail County


My Lahki,

Later today, we will be reunited.
I just can’t wait.
I know the risks.
All that matters to me is you. 

Lahki, my Love, this letter will be longer than usual as I need to write it all down in order to keep all of those facts and details fresh in my mind throughout my journey to you. It is more than a letter. It is an assignment. Professor Jehr wants to make sure I understand what is going on, so he wants me to write everything down. He might even read it later on. He tried to pass this out as a joke, but I am not so sure he was joking. He does not strike me as someone, who would ever crack jokes. Anyway, back to the assignment…

Dr. Jehr spent all morning explaining those risks to me. I think you were right to trust him. I can see what you mean about his eyes. Even I can see it somehow. My gut feeling tells me to trust him. So I am putting my life in his hands. Just like that ephemeral vision of you said she had a couple of days ago. I am not just saying that because he might read my words. You know me. I never feel the need to say something I don’t mean. I would much rather not say anything at all.

Besides, I am so anxious to see you. I would not waste my time on suck-up tactics. Seeing you is all that matters to me right now. If it were up to me, I would be right in the middle of your inner world already, but, apparently, I can’t just nose dive into your memories. It is not the way it works. You need to be prepared. You need to master the tools.


First, Jehr has to take me through some tests. Right after giving me his safe inception speech, sprinkled with theoretical anecdotes to help me understand the whole process I was about to enter, he plugged me to this tiny machine of his design, connected to a giant screen. He shaved my head and adjusted a pair of electrodes on my temples to detect and transmit my brainwaves to this device. He placed a few more electrodes on my body to keep an eye on my vitals at all times during the experiment.

Apart from Jehr’s very informative speech, a few weird tests, and this new hairstyle, my morning has been pretty uneventful. I have not encountered any other people today. Jehr works alone. He said he doesn’t want to hire an assistant, because in his line of work the less crowded, the operating room is, the more effective. I think he likes it better that way anyway. Jehr is a solitary soul.


He used to be a brain surgeon. After a few years of practice in a public hospital, he got frustrated from the many casualties brain operations still suffered. He had gone out of his way to make his hand become the most skilled and the steadiest on the planet.

He had engineered cutting edge, one of a kind technical tools to help him in his endeavor to assist Mother Nature in fixing human bodies in the most extreme cases. He had even programmed a robot to map out individual brains and operate in his place.

No matter how hard he tried, how sophisticated his tools got, how experimented he had become in dealing with affections related to the brain, he could never save enough patients. His goal was to reach zero casualties. Going about it the traditional way did not seem to get him anywhere near that.

So he went back to studying, doing leading edge scientific research. He decided he had to fix the theory, before he could move back on to saving physical lives – lives in the flesh. He tried to think outside the box, explored other ways to approach the science that explains the intricacies of the inner workings of the brain. He even visited fields considered lesser amongst the scientific community.

Telepathy is one of those. Namely, it is the one that picked his curiosity the most.


People communicate without using words, without speaking, on an every day basis. Our bodies betray our thoughts more accurately than our tongues. When people get closer to one another though, they create bridges that go beyond body language. They don’t have to move or to signal anything. They can just look into each other’s eyes and know what lies behind them.

Some take it one step further. They don’t even need to hear, observe or make eye contact to know what that very special other person is experiencing. They feel it in their gut, right when it happens, even miles away.

Both scientific and pseudo-scientific articles have observed that in twins. That very special bond, created through time spent together, since their development in the womb of their mother, gives way to even more unexplainable wonders.

Jehr thinks it can be explained. His credo is that everything can be explained. When we cannot, it is just a question of exploration, tools and time. Today’s mysteries are tomorrow’s science.


In the case of telepathy, Jehr’s theory explores the very special signature of our brain waves. He implied that we all have the ability to develop that sixth sense. We just would not know how to wield it just yet.

He argued that our brain senses the presence of people around us before our other senses do. Beyond that even, we can feel, identify, and interpret messages sent by the brainwaves of people we share a special connection with, and we do, we just do not grasp it consciously yet. We dismiss those messages as thoughts, intuitions, and anomalies.

Jehr’s recent studies have aimed at sorting out the mess within our thoughts. He wants to distinguish what comes from us and what comes from others. Then he plans on taking it a step further and distinguish perceptions, representations, hypotheses, and pure imagination. I hope I am not missing anything… Oh well! There was so much to take in…


Once he had pinpointed the theory, he went on to apply his newly gathered knowledge to practice, so he created tools.

One of them in particular is designed to help us navigate our inner thoughts. However it is still a prototype. It needs to be tested for accuracy, bugs and many other issues, just like any other newborn piece of technology. This software is called Inner Reality Program 1.0. The professor is already working on a 2.0, but it is still in the developing stages, so 1.0 will have to do for me and you.

Like I said earlier, Jehr specializes in very special cases, the ones any other practitioner would dub hopeless. He does not believe in hopelessness. He is the sort of man, who does not give in to the notion of giving up. Whenever he reaches a wall, he keeps scratching at it, hitting it with everything he has got, until he just slams it down.

In theory his program enables him to reach out to unconscious people lost within their own labyrinth of thoughts, struggling to make their way back. That is the practical reason why he works alone. With these sorts of rescue missions, the less crowded the operating room is, the better. Even in real life, he said, people tend to open up more easily, when they are in small crowds, a lot more easily than they do when a bunch of random strangers surround them. It is the same for patients. That is also why he believes I can still reach out to you, when he could not.

I am not a random person you have never met before.

I am yours.


When he tried to reach out to you in your inner reality himself, it worked at first, but it got aborted for circumstances behind his control. Your last session – which was your second session really – was interrupted by people from the administration. It is always the same thing with them, he said, they don’t care to wait, they don’t care about scientific protocol. When they need something, it has to be answered right there right now. The scientific costs and losses are not their problem. What happened is that they pulled him out prematurely by unplugging the machine. Since then, he has tried, he has poked around your Inner Reality countless times, but he has not been able to find you and establish contact with you since.

As for the part I have to play in this, he said not to worry. Not yet anyway. This first step was risk free. He had already taken a lot of people on this ride into the Virtual Reality program he had built. He said it was meant to represent one’s inner world. This one is designed after his own inner reality. It will give me an idea of what I will have to face in your inner world.

I will tell you about it once it is done.

I envision this step with more curiosity than fear for now. I wonder if it will let me unlock some of Jehr’s mysteries.

Besides I would tackle anything, if it meant it would take me one step closer to you.

I love you,

With all my heart,




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