WWW#10 – The Stain – Text#3

Unforeseen Meditation

by Garry Vakarian

Today is that time. Winter’s gone and temperatures are high again. I’m devoting this early afternoon to change the tires on my car. Exit the small grippy tires and welcome back massive low profile sport ones.

Everything was good until I scratched my hand on the pavement thanks to the slippery handle of the jack. Nothing to worry about but when I finished my deed, I headed to the bathroom to clean my hands and put some antiseptic on the wound. I took the bottle from my pharmacy shelf, opened it and let a few droops drip on the wounded flesh. As usual it stung a bit, but the most peculiar thing was when the medicine fell from my hand to the bathroom sink. A single drop hit the white ceramic and spread itself like a perfect sun, even though the sink’s floor was slanted.

I gazed at the strange stain for a minute, reflecting on the shape, its mockery of gravity and wondered if it was a presage for good days to come. My contemplation was brutally ended by the sound of my phone ringing. By the time I went back to the bathroom, the stain was gone.

I wished I’d taken a picture of it to show it to you…


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