Featured Challenge #19 – Love Letters

Breaking Apart – An Open Letter To My Heart

by B.

I am watching time,

and the world pass by through the window.

All these houses, all these futures,

Anything is possible.

All that matters is who you’re striding with. 

You see who I am, my strength and inner beauty. You care about me. Why don’t you let me see who you are? You only let me see glimpses of you and say it is up to me to patch them up and form my idea of a you.


But any reconstruction of you is not really you. I won’t know who you are. I won’t see your strength, your inner beauty. I won’t get to care about you the way you care about me.


If you don’t show me the real you, I won’t be in a position to keep you. If you say no to my questions. You close us up, and don’t let me room to love you.


You are closed.
Even if you don’t feel that way. I do.
I am sorry but I have to set you free.
You are free to find that one person,
The one you will really open up to.
I believe that is not me.
Still I am sorry.

Lines from this work were shared on two amazing blogs.
If you enjoyed reading these lines, you should visit them:



Resonance published on Divergent Candour


Thank you all for your appreciation!



19 thoughts on “Featured Challenge #19 – Love Letters

      1. Again thank you, and you are very welcome.
        There are words like these you just need to get out of you. They make everything appear more clearly once you have.
        I believe that gives them some sort of power. Some sort of “resonance” like you said and felt.

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      2. Indeed. That is very true. Words do have power, connected as they are to emotions and circumstances. But there is something about seeing what one thinks about in black and white that truly brings it’s meaning home in the most powerful manner. That is what you have done. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      3. It is a family and a beautiful one! Writing connects us all, when we open up and share with others who honour words, like we do. Exchange is an essential part of the life we choose to live. Without it, writing can be a very lonely experience.


      4. I so agree. This is why I started writing online. So many people from around the world who are interesting and who in turn like your own work. The gratification and satisfaction in the work for it’s own sake has never been quite so tangible for me as now. Not forgetting the friends we make here. All in all, a beautiful experience!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Writing online is a gratifying challenge! It require a lot of investment but it is worth every moment, when you get to meet fantastic people such as yourself. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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