Featured Challenge #22 – Truth – Text #1

The Truth About Love

(an organized poetic essay)

by B.

0- Introduction

When you feel attracted

To a possible special someone,

When you put yourself out there,

You have to be prepared to accept

What will come next.

As Luck is a key,

Whichever the outcome may be,

It will not seem fair.

We all know that

When Pot of Luck is part of the game,

The odds are never in your favor.


1- Sought after Resolution

There is always a chance you could reach up

To each other’s expectations

That is if both partners want to build up

Complementary foundations.

You could share paths for a while, maybe longer,

A timespan

can never be foreseen,

despite promises,

and even if it does seem


So you better keep in mind, the unknown still lies hereafter.


2- Heart-break Pollution

You also have to get ready to a procession

Of falls – just one or a succession thereof –

And those may well be manifolds,

Because you are not one, but two, and both

Might not meet the other’s whole set of expectation.

The aftermath will surely feel sore.

You can never forecast

Whether it is the last of those rejections,

But you have to move past

And on to your next dice-roll projections.

Looking for love will always rummage at your core.


3- The Rule’s Exposition

Since we all have expectations,

Keep in mind that true love is the exception

While the rest constitutes the Rule – no discussion –

Knowing it might be the pathway to your redemption.


4- Settling Evolution

Is there a fix, beyond lies?

The middle way is compromise.

Though that may leave some hunger for more,

With time, it can render others very happy – no lore.

I for one

Have tried and found,

I am happier unbound,

Than with only half my one.


5 – Conclusion

Look! Out there

Lies not just one path

That leads to your happiness.

Before you can find it elsewhere,

My advice is to build it within yourself.

Then you can go on, and explore at your own pace.

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