Featured Challenge #19 -Love Letters – Text #4

A Yearning for Fleeting Lunacy

by B.

How many times have you met the gaze of someone you felt could be perfect, but would not dare to speak, because – well – you knew nothing about them really? It was too soon to feel or tell.

That impression they left upon you, though, how oddly divine. ❤

Who acts upon first impressions?

And your mind says only lunatics do.

Even if you did speak, still, how could you dare asking for a bond, create a link? You had just met them really.

Who ever asks for the phone number of a perfect stranger?

And your mind says only lunatics do.

How are we supposed to know when to ask or when not to?

Is it when we realize we care, or could have? Is it long after the person’s gone and the sensation of their fleeting presence remains?

That would be great – only by then, is it not too late to act?

Possible special someone is away and gone awhile already.

How are we supposed to be spontaneous – and not sound like a lunatic – when there is all this meaningless serial dating out there?

I haven’t had someone’s face linger on my mind very often, when I did not know them.

Yours has.

Caution in me tends to warn against it, but I do wish I acted more like a lunatic some days, especially that day.

You left and said you would read my words. I really hope you do, and comment or message me to order an aspiring lunatic on the go.


“If we wait for the

moment when everything,

absolutely everything is ready,

we shall never begin.”

– Ivan Turgenev

Source for the quote: https://eyespluswords.com/2016/04/18/begin/




10 thoughts on “Featured Challenge #19 -Love Letters – Text #4

      1. That is very true. You can write without risking anyone’s sanction. Total freedom of creation, there are no rules except those you choose to follow. You are the only factor you need to consider.

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