WWW #13 – Borrowed – Text #1



By Garry Vakarian

Our hero, Graham the Reaper, finally caught up to the mysterious redhead. However while he was chasing her around the high school, they both ended up in a science classroom on the second floor, a horde roaming just outside the door in the hallway. Breathing heavily, she was holding his prized possession tightly between her arms and chest. At last the confrontation he had been hoping for for three weeks could happen.

“Why do you need it?”

“Trust me.”

“I don’t trust you.”

“Why would you need it anyway, it’s not like you’re a reaper like me.”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you.”

“Oh come on! I need it to do my job. Even if the world has gone down the toilet, there are souls who need to be harvested and if I don’t have my count, my boss’s gonna tear me a new one.”

“Don’t care I need Charlene with me.”

“Whaa!? Why would you give it a name? This is getting ridiculous…” [skullpalm]

“Listen, maybe it’s just a tool to you, to me she’s a friend. Over the past three weeks she’s saved my skin countless times. I’m not letting her go.”

“Look, it’s mine and now I need it so give it back.”


“Whether I’m dead or not is irrelevant. You stole it and now I want it back.”


“Herrh!” [Looking at the ceiling pissed]

[Crossing arms and pouting]

“You are the most stubborn girl I ever met in TWO lives… and the weirdest one at that…”

“Look who’s talking! A skeleton in a night gown.”

“FINE!” [Throwing his arms in the air] “You can keep it. For now…”

[…] [<.<]

[…] [Fixing her eyes]

[…] [>.>]

“Now you started to shut-up! Unbelievable.”

“Thanks.” [suddenly blushing]

“Yeah well don’t get used to it.”

“So now, ehh, how do we get out of here?”

“Since you have [airquotting] “Charlene”, I slightly open the door and you chop the heads of the zombies one by one until we’re free to go.”

“That’s your plan? I have to do everything while you wait! Can’t you just throw them a bone or something to distract them?”

“Hey! They’re not dogs and I’m rather fond of what’s left of my body.”

“You call that a body?”

[Grinding teeth] “Yes.”

Wait a minute. [putting her index on her lips and mimicking deep thinking] You can’t die can you?”

“I’m already dead so yes. I can’t die twice.”

“So if hypothetically you were to fall from a building you would be okay right?”

“Well it never happened before but I guess I wouldn’t suffer anything.”

“And say you’d also fall with me in your arms…”



“It might work…”


“Hey, hey, hey let’s not jump ahead of ourselves!”

“Nice pun.”


[Loud bangs on the classroom doors]

“Oh crap they’ve found us!”

“There’s no time, carry me and let’s escape through the window!”


Graham had not even started his sentence, when the door blew open and dozens of zombie teenagers poured into the room. He lifted her like a newlywed groom would his bride and ran towards the nearest opened window.

[Rushing forward the window’s frame] “There goes nothing!”

[Giving him a small kiss on the cheek] “By the way, my name’s Annabelle.”

Like an athlete in the Olympics with Annabelle firmly secured in his arms, Graham threw himself with all his strength outside the building. However unlike in movies, gravity was a real bitch and his heroic jump turned into a free fall. Just like he and Annabelle had predicted, they survived the fall but not the way they had expected.

Upon landing, he did end up on his feet, but the sheer force of the fall transformed the landing into a crash. Every bone under his spinal column flew all around the schoolyard in a twenty meters radius. Thankfully the rest of his body stayed in place and in one piece with Annabelle hanging arms firmly wrapped around his neck, a few centimeters from the ground.

“Pfeww! That was a close one. Well thanks for the ride, see ya!”

She quickly got up on her feet and started walking away like nothing happened.


“Herrh! Fine… What do you want me to do?”

“Fetch my bones while I piece myself together.”

[Making a disgusted face] “Gross!”

“Oh shut up…”


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