Featured Challenge #11 – On the Train – Text #3

The Laws of Attraction

by B.


When I met your gaze, I was captivated.

After a few stops, the guy next to me

Stepped out, and you sat in his place.


With your presence close by

I was inspired. Line after line,

A new story was pouring on the page.


You were inhabiting my character.

I did not even know your name,

But you had become my stirring muse.


You were observing me.

I could feel your gaze on me.

I even met its reflection in the window.


Once, I held it back and smiled.

You were intrigued by me –

A gorgeous man like you. How wild!


You broke the silence and asked,

Likely comforted by my smile,

About the story I was typing.


In a split second inhibitions faded,

As our conversation started.

You were still a student –


Design and engineering – smart and

Visibly athletic, rowing, sport loving,

Blue eyed, chiseled faced, casually dressed,


A few days stubble on your cheeks.

My right-side view of you sported a dimple

Dug by a gorgeous smile that brightened your eyes.


Strong bodied and clever minded –

Aren’t those qualities only encountered in dreams?

I was finding excuses not to let my heart sink.


You looked so strong and handsome,

Yet you could be young. I did not dare ask.

Bottom line was you were still a student, and I, a teacher.


You showed me your English 101 booklet.

You had to sit that one again – not your strong suit.

We talked books and hobbies. I was terribly drawn.


To you. Was it wrong of me to be attracted?

I did not know you, not much about you.

Yet your mere presence inspired me.


Observing your hands as we talked,

It seemed like you were displaying them

On the table for me to see.


I remember the brave thought of letting

My hand brush against yours crossed my mind,

As you were turning the pages of a book


I had presented to you. How would you have reacted,

If I had? – I wonder. I will never know.

I did not dare try. Instead, I dreamt on.


Two young men were sitting in front of us.

Observing us, like you would watch

A National Geographic documentary


Starring endangered species, wondering

If we would mate, trying to learn a thing or two.

I had given you the address of my blog,


Promoting my work before my person,

As I naturally thrive in my imaginary universes

And connect there with much more ease than in my reality.


I did not ask for your number.

As you got out of the train, you said

You would check out my stories.


I said “please do” and waved good-bye

With a hand and a smile, and I returned

To my story for the rest of the ride.


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