Garry Vakarian’s Autobiography

Unfortunately just a part time writer thanks to a time consuming job, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it!

My writer’s focus is on short stories set in cyberpunk worlds, heroic fantasy or a mix of both. Usually I like to connect them to our world, because I’m too lazy to create a new setting ex-nihilo.

Also setting my stories in our known realm helps me a lot, because I like to picture them first rather than start from words. I like to give as much details as possible so readers can “see” what I’m writing on about. Though giving too many details or information can kill the narrative, and I’m struggling with it sometimes.

My work is heavily inspired by anime shows, video games or movies around those themes, so my creativity is somewhat a byproduct of mashing all those influences in my head.

My next step will involve history-fiction but for now, they’re just few doodles in the corner of my brain trying to connect together. For now my mind is full of lovey-dovey stuff about relationships and exotic travels (that’s better than thinking about solitude and depression, if you ask me). All I can share is a title so here we go, [ahem]:

Saoporo! or How World War Three Became the First Fantasy War.

That’s all for now but I can’t end without crediting a very dear friend of mine who introduced me (again) to the art of writing, the one and only Hailie Andersen

Read her stuff, it’s really good!


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