WWW #19 – Impossible – Text #1

Rendez-Vous at Hershel’s Tavern

by Garry Vakarian

The meeting was at Henshel’s tavern at dusk. However, each one of them had a quest of their own to finish before meeting the others at the famed watering hole.

First Sir Gallagher of the order of the Golden Finger had to locate, and bring back, a powerful steed from the stables of Wolkstown. It could have been a simple mission but Wolkstown would never let any foreigners buy one of their pride horses. Even during wars against other city-states, they would rather lose a battle and kill their horses rather than had the enemy capture a single one. So in order to accomplish his deed, Sir Gallagher had to sneak into the town, find the right stable and disguise the horse to look like a common Peugento draft horse. Since he had to work unnoticed, he opted to start at sundown and use the shadows. Then the horse’s power and speed on the way back would render him able to join the others at the tavern just in time.

Second Lady Tramontana was busy practicing for her upcoming theft at Lakviu manor. Being a rogue, she couldn’t just barge in and loot the place like a common thug. So she devised a plan to parkour her way to the manor upper floors. This meant jumping from roof to roof like a cat. Mistakes weren’t tolerated since the punishment was a long fall to certain death. In order to avoid any tragic outcome upon herself, she decided to use the whole day to train and select the best path above the neighborhood. Since she was experienced in this field of work, she thought it would only take a few hours in the afternoon and then she would still have enough time to enjoy some respite before the meeting. A long bubble bath, or perhaps a massage, she thought.

Third Neko the Wise, also known as the Word Gambler, had an appointment to the famous Ivory Rock library to study the Netetheris Parionlan, an ancient magical tome from the lost arcane mage Zog Darpa. In it, he thought he could find the secret to unlock his psychic powers and use them to fight his archenemy Igor Nant. Of course, everything depended on whether the bookkeepers would allow him to study in Ivory Rock in the first place, if he found the Netetheris Parionlan between the thousand of scrolls stored in the library and most importantly, if he was able to decipher it and master its powers. That is why he departed one month ahead of the others, so he could have the leeway he needed, before rejoining them at Henshel’s tavern.

Fourth the dryad paladin Crazy Liz, who wanted to clean the Virmion plains of bandits, monsters and pretty much anything that could harm innocent travelers and peasants in the area. Being the most ruthless and feared fighter in the three kingdoms, her job was just basic training for her, and easy money. To spice things up, she had chosen to give herself only one day to roam Virmion plains and kill anything with a sword or claws. After that, the ale at Henshel’s tavern with the others would be her prize.

In the end, each managed to succeed at their endeavour. Sir Gallagher took out his horse. Lady Tramontana was completely ready for a upcoming heist. Neko the Wise learned the mysteries of the Netetheris Parionlan, and Crazy Liz spilled the blood of every men foolish enough to oppose her between Stardust Valley and Pooridge Bay.

However, one thing had been impossible to achieve. They never met at Henshel’s tavern. Gallagher had to wait all night to free the horses from the Wolkstown folk and after delivering said horse, he had to write a report to his liege detailing everything and that took him the whole next day. Lady Tramontana on the other hand quickly found the optimal path to Lakviu manor and made eight mock runs to get acquainted with it. It was after that that things didn’t go as planned, when the massage parlor she stayed in was raided by the sheriff. Apparently, it was also a hiding place for a local group of smugglers and the building was on lock down until the next day with everybody in it trapped as well. Neko the wise, while way ahead on schedule, spent ten days negotiating with Ivory Rock master librarian to gain access, then he got lost for two days in the library before starting a two week search for his tome. Another week was spent finding a translating dictionary and four days preparing the incantation. To be fair, this whole affair took him exactly one month, but he forgot that he needed an extra day to travel from Ivory Rock to Hershel’s tavern. As for Crazy Liz, after slaughtering so many evil living things, she thought of taking a powernap before joining the rest of the group, and she simply overslept due to exhaustion.

The point of this story is this: anything is possible, even the impossible.


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