WWW #19 – Impossible – Text #3


Original text by Ninefifteen

I wish I had
The strength of a storm
The energy of a star
The inexorable stream
Of waterfalls,
A ginormous power,
The might
Of a god —

Then I could
Hunt Death,
Thrust my arrows
Into its rotten flesh,
Petrify its
Macabre momentum
With a single glance,
Mask the pathway to you,
So that its scythe
Could not harvest
The delicate poppies
Of your soul…

I wish I had
The spirit of a shaman,
A connection with
Mother Nature’s essence,
To heal you,
To find a cure
To this eroding

Yet I am
Limited and weak
And all I can do
Is glance backwards
— At you —
On my way up
To the living world.



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