Featured Challenge #8 – Gender Barriers – Text #2

Two Lost Souls

By Vinnie Dime


Two lost souls

Sitting next to each other

Wondering if they are

Made for one another

“He’s got to make a move

This is how it works

He’ll do something

If he really likes me”

She is anxious

“What a shame it would be

To be told “No”

If it ever happens

I won’t be able

To look her in the eye again

She’ll probably tell all her friends too”

He is in a panic


Nobody dared making the first move

So apart

They slowly drifted

Never to know

If they were made for one another

Forever asking themselves

“What if I had”


Waiting game

Means no one ever wins



This text was inspired by one of Ally L. Mare’s :

A waiting game.

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