Mug’s Tale’s Readers’ Awards – Our Second Wave of Winners


Readers’ Awards Winners – Recapscreen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49

WWW – The Readers’ Awards

Here comes the long awaited post. I apologise for the delay in passing along the information. It turns out family, friends, working, writing, and blogging is time consuming. Life is keeping us pretty busy, here at Mug’s Tale. That said, it does not diminish our commitment to this amazing community. We love the energy here and our lovely, mega-talented authors. Here is a post about them and their fantastic work!

Click on and read any text(s) you would like. 

And the winners are…

  • WWW#10: The winner of the tenth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “Stain” is – La Tache, by Ninefifteen. (in French) (6likes = 6points)
  • WWW#12: The winner of the twelfth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “Random Words” is – Sinistre Sirène, by B. (in French) (6 likes + 2 points/10words = 8 points)
  • WWW#13: The winner of the thirteenth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “Borrow” is – Borrowed, by Garry Vakarian. (in English)(7 likes + 3 comments = 22points)
  • WWW#14: The winner of the fourteenth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “Never Say Never” is – L’Effet surprise, by B.  (in French) (8 likes + 1 comment = 13 points)
  • WWW#15: The winner of the fifteenth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “Far Away” is – Terre de Lumière by B.  (in French) (5 likes)
  • WWW#16: The winner of the sixteenth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “Partners in Crime” is – Letter to the Sheriff by B.  (in English) (9 likes + 2 comments = 19 points)
  • WWW#17: The winner of the seventeenth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “Padlock” is – Road to Hell, by Hailie Andersen. (in English) (7 likes + 1 comment = 12 points)
  • WWW#18: The winner of the eighteenth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “Forgive Me” is – Instead of You, by B.  (in English) (9 likes + 3 comments = 24 points)
  • WWW#20: The winners of the twentieth Readers’ Award exploring the theme “A Key” are – Jo1 – Good Bye World, by Hailie Andersen. (in English) (12 likes + 1 comment = 17 points) and La Forteresse, by Ninefifteen (in French) (7 likes + 2 comments = 17 points)

Congratulations again to our MUGtastically talented authors! 



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