WWW #23 – Disappointed – Text #1



by Hailie Andersen

She sighed at the sight of him. He tried to grab her hand. She dodged his attempt and pulled away. He had betrayed her.

She never asked him to be perfect. Not even kind. All she wanted from him was honesty. Knowing he would never lie to her face.

Even that he could not hold up to. He had lied – over the stupidest thing too. She could not begin to understand why. When she had asked…

Not only had he sunk further into his tangled web of fibs, he had accused her of doing the same. How did he dare pin it back on her? – Dumbstruck.

She stood there for a moment. A few feet away. She could still hear his voice spinning more lies to try and fix his mess. She could feel the pain in his voice…

…Read the despair in his eyes. The disappointment in hers spoke louder than words. She had trusted him. She did not anymore. There was no way back from that. 

That is when she realised she was not standing there any longer. She was running now. Running away from him. Away from the couple they formed. Away from the person she had grown to be around him. She was out of breath.

That was the end. At that moment she turned a page, never to open it again. She could taste salt on her tongue and parting lips. Warm tears were flowing down her cheeks – washing the ink of their story away. Her face looked blank.

Her life tasted bitter and bland.

Soon though, her wheel would find itself turning again. Another man would paint her cheeks red, fill her heart with hope, and let it skip a beat or two. First she would stand there awkwardly at a loss for words. She would find herself unable to hold

That gaze burning right through her. He would be there by her side, holding her hands, and kissing her lips, canvassing emotions on her face, making her his. One day, soon enough, she would let her tongue loose, and utter words she had thought were only her ex’s.

She will learn that life has a way of surprising you. Beautiful bonds get shattered. Less happy unions, and destructive ones too. We hurt and cry. We build ourselves back. Strong and unmovable. We swear this is it, yet connections happen, and we get swept off our feet.


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