Featured challenge #4 – Memories – Text #2


Original text by Ninefifteen

Your favorite
Chocolate –
I remember them all.

Your voice and
Your sweet hazel eyes,
Your hands altered by the passing years,
Your small frame that made me want to
Shelter you –
I remember them all.

How hard we fought for what looks today like
How hard it’s been
To leave home,
And the bright smile you had
Each time I came back –
I remember it all.

You were the one who
Wiped away my tears,
Fought as fiercely as a wildfire
Against whoever would hurt me,
Shared with me
Tiny little drops
Of pure happiness –
I remember it all.

I remember the amazing and
Infinitely kind
Wife, mother and woman
That you’ve been,
How you vowed not to
Hurt anyone, ever –

No matter how far you go…
I remember you, and
I always will.



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