Featured Challenge #22 – Truth – Text #2

The Remains of a Lost Soul

By Vinnie Dime


It hurt

So you closed your heart


That’s the reason why

You need to look for substitutes

Seemingly quenching your thirst for well-being

For some time


But in the long run

It’s not working

It cannot

Because there is no substitute

Only the ephemeral illusion of it


Yes, reality hurts

But if you don’t remove your armour

You cannot be caressed


And your heart remains inaccessible

To the others and to yourself

Self destructing spiral


Break it

Get out of it

You’ve got to be able to feel pain

To feel good


Pain and bliss

Come together

You cannot get the latter

If you don’t accept its counterpart

Life’s tough

But it’s worth living


Pain and Bliss

Are part of the real life

Not any of their substitutes

I am begging you,

For your own self:

Remove your blindfold and start living !


A true friend


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