WWW #28 – Failure – Text #1

The Twitch

by Hailie Andersenscreen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49

“What is the worst that could happen? Tim 2.0 is monitored by an external server 24/7. His software is connected through a private line to this little remote system control in the lenses I am wearing. You can’t see it, but Tim’s frontal cameras are linked to my own neural pathway. Everything he sees, I can see as well. It is like I have a tiny TV playing in the corner of my eyes at all times. It felt weird at first but I got used to it. That is how I could develop all those beta testing protocols. Tim 2.0 is blunder proof.” Timothy assured. “Nothing can possibly go so wrong that I could not handle it.”

Just as Tim uttered those words, Leia interrupted him.

“How about the way Tim 2.0 handled himself around me? He looked like you, talked like you, but he really did not feel like you… And those facial expressions… Was I the only one to notice the twitch?”

“The twitch? What twitch?” Instantly Timothy looked worried.

“Yeah, the thing Tim 2.0 did with its mouth when he talked to me here and there. It got worse when I inquired about your…”

“Damn, the update. I have to go.” Tim cut in. “ I have to go now.”

Before he could reach the end of the entrance corridor. Tim ran back to his mother’s TV and without a word, he scanned through the TV channels until he reached channel 24.

Tim 2.0 was there going about his mission as if nothing had happen. Leia could see in her brother’s eyes though that something was terribly wrong.

“What is it, Tim? You gotta tell us. We are all in it now.” She demanded.

“The eye cam went dark. It has never happened before. And the twitch, you mentioned. Well that twitch is a computing impossibility. I was going through Tim 2.0’s code this morning, there was something I saw, but I dismissed it as a simple anomaly. I should not have.”

“Why is it so worrying to you? He is a robot he can’t be perfectly human, can he? Twitches don’t sound like such a far stretch from computer glitches.”

“Not this computer. Everything in him is monitored, engineered by my code. But the code I saw this morning I did not write it. I know I did not. It can’t be though… It can’t be…” Tim looked like his world was crumbling around him. His enigmatic words felt like tiny explosions hitting his family’s wall of certainty. Tim was never worried. He was always so sure. He was always right when he spoke, which usually felt annoying. Now that his assurance was gone, his mother and sister would have given anything for him to have it back.

Their Tim was an important man. Anything he did, or did not do could have game changing consequences on the world around them, especially now that the robots were to be released in a couple of days. He could not back out now. He had to fix the glitch or face a failure, a disaster of epic proportions.


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