Interview With A Writer – #1

Hey Guys,

We have been saving a few gems for you for quite some time now. With the spirit of the end of year festivities backing up our sails, it feels like the best time to let such gifts wash out to your shores.

Here comes the first of those anticipated jewels, a delightful interview with one of our beloved authors. You know her from her text Styla (WWW#11 – Werewolves – Text#5).

Without further ado….

Meet – Heather Polk, a.k.a. Artofself


–       Could you tell us a few words about yourself? (Introduce yourself – where do you come from? – Where do you live? – What do you do for a living? – any dreams, aspirations? – …. )

My real name is Heather Ann Polk. My nickname is Bug or Hettybug. I love nicknames-my entire immediate family uses them. I am a prolific dabbler who hales from Baton Rouge Louisiana. I work for a construction company called Turner Industries where I manage job site costs. That may sound boring, but it can truly be a challenging job. My dream is to one day become a published, bestselling author and to travel the world with a man that I truly love.  I deeply and passionately feel that life should be tasted at every opportunity, but more importantly, shared with someone. Go out and find that someone to share life’s great experiences with!!



–       If there were one book you could recommend to our readers, which would it be?

As I read that question I laughed. My favorite book changes all of the time. Not only that, I’m always behind everyone else in reading the good ones.  For now though, my recommendation would have to be the Inferno series by Sylvain Reynard. I absolutely love, love those stories.

–       Is there a book you read that you think changed your life somehow or spoke to you in a way that no other book did?

I can’t say that I’ve read any life-changing books, but I have read a book called The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer that has given me a different perspective on viewing and questioning who I really am.

–       Would you mind sharing with us one of your favorite quotes?

This is my favorite of all your questions.  I have many favorite quotes, but the one that speaks to me most is by Helen Keller. “The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart.


Writing, writing process, and inspiration

–       What inspires you? What do you draw your inspiration from?

Nature, old things, and color inspires me. I also draw inspiration from other people and by being outdoors and living life. I am a believer of – “a writer is the sum total of their experiences”, so go out and get some.

–       Which artists inspire you?

I’m not sure if I have one artist in particular that I draw inspiration from. If I’m being completely honest, all artists, and their work, when I get to experience it in person, inspire me. Meaning touch, smell, hear, see- even taste.

–       How did your passion for writing begin?

That’s actually hard for me to answer, but I’ll try. I’ve experienced a lot of emotional distress in my past that I never dealt with, or even understood at the time. So a couple years back the consequences of not dealing with my issues caused an outpouring of pain. Writing was one of the ways I learned to cope with my reality. Writing means to me more than I could ever put into words and has become a very rewarding addiction.

–       What are your favorite genres / themes?

RomCom-Suspence combo.

–       Where and when do you write? (describe a typical writing situation – at a desk/at a coffee shop/ on your bed/ on the train)

I carry a notebook around with me everywhere I go in case an idea strikes me. I’ll jot it down then expound on it later. I write in many different places, but I mostly do my final proofing at a desk.

–       Could you tell us about one of the texts you have written?

At the moment I’m working on my first novel in a series. It’s called The Charming Quarters. – click here to read it – It’s based out of New Orleans and is about a girl who inherits a historic hotel from her grandfather, who raised her, when he dies.


Personal questions

–       Do you have any other hobbies?

I’m a prolific dabbler so I try just about anything, then get bored and move on to the next.

–        Which element represents you best? (water/earth/fire/air)


–       What is your favorite food?

Gosh, to be honest I love food, so that’s a tough question. I like to try different and unique plates. I think some dishes can be like a work of art, and great chefs really impress me. But, if I had to narrow it down, I guess I’d say my go-to, everyday-type of food would be a gourmet sandwich.

–       What is your favorite color?


–       What is your favorite flower?

I love flower-producing vines such as the many Clematis varieties.  I also love Hydrangeas.

–       What is your favorite virtue?

I was actually just discussing the difference between virtue and value with a friend the other day. I think we decided that a value, at its most basic, is a virtue. For now, I’d have to say that my favorite virtue is kindness.

–       What is your main fault?

First thing that comes to mind is self-doubt and self-esteem. I’m sure they’re others, but those two stand out the most.

–       What do you appreciate most in a friend?

Easy conversation & laugh-out-loud moments.

–       Where would you like to live?

Europe. Any and everywhere for any period of time.

–       What is your number one dream/goal?

To become a professional writer and world traveler.


Interview questions imagined by B. and generously answered by Heather Polk, of Artofself


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