Interview With A Writer – #3

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I hope you enjoyed the two previous posts of this series introducing two of our promising new authors. Here comes your third treat, an interview with Vinnie Dime, one of our first members. He writes with griping style and talent both in French and in English. He can tackle poetry and prose and dabbles with equal command in light and darkness.

You know him best for: 

Without further ado… 

Meet – Vinnie Dime


–       Could you tell us a few words about yourself? (Introduce yourself – where do you come from? – Where do you live? – What do you do for a living? – any dreams, aspirations? – …. )

I’m a man in his late twenties. I live in the South-East of France. This is where I met B., a good friend of mine. You must already have read some of her texts by now. Of course, she is the one who asked me to join Mug’s Tale, which I gladly did. Just like her, I’m an English teacher (in fact, we met at work). I long to become a great guitarist and I am more than happy to do my best at trying!



–       If there were one book you could recommend to our readers, which would it be?

One book! Wow, there are so many!!! Say, A Game of Thrones, By George R. R. Martin. So moving and complex. Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card. And 2001, A Space Odyssey By Arthur C. Clarke. And… ok, that’s three books, but I couldn’t just choose one!

And if you can read French: Le Diapason des mots et des misères (Jérôme Noirez) and La Profondeur des tombes (Thierry Di Rollo). One book you said?

–       Is there a book you read that you think changed your life somehow or spoke to you in a way that no other book did?

Ahaha, this is going to be a silly answer! The first Harry Potters. They taught me that it was sometimes worth insisting and, believe me or not, it did a lot of good to the shy child I was at the time!

–       Would you mind sharing with us one of your favorite quotes?

“The one who moves mountains is the one who starts with moving small rocks.” (I hope the translation from French is fine!)


Writing, Writing Process, and Inspiration

–       What inspires you? What do you draw your inspiration from?

Anything that strikes me.

–       Which artists inspire you?

Any artist whose writing is fluid and engrossing. Being original also counts!

–       How did your passion for writing begin?

Well, writing isn’t really a passion of mine, but I like it from time to time. I began writing over ten years ago. The spell lasted for one or two years. Then I resumed one year ago, when B. talked me into it.

–       What are your favorite genres / themes?

Anything I feel more or less comfortable with. I like diversity!

–       Where and when do you write? (describe a typical writing situation – at a desk/at a coffee shop/ on your bed/ on the train)

I mostly write at home. I often get stuck, and get the ideas when I relax and stop thinking. Most of the time, when I’m having a shower!

–       Could you tell us about one of the texts you have written?

I like the one about the werewolf. (Editor’s note: click here if you want to read it). Sometimes, life gets overwhelming and the society we live in can put such a lot of pressure on us, we wish we could quit and relax. But of course we can’t. So some decide to change the way they live, change jobs and other things. Some don’t and just end up crazy, shattered, sour or mean. This is what happens to the main character. I also love the fact that this person becomes a werewolf, but not in the commonly encountered form!


Personal Questions

–       Do you have any other hobbies?

As I said before, I love playing the guitar!!! I also like computers, science, physics, walking in beautiful places, reading sci-fi and fantasy books, skiing, playing ice hockey (even if I’m not too good at it), cycling, running, saying silly jokes, watching funny cartoons and films, going to Great Britain and taking tons of pictures!

–       What is your idea of happiness?

Health, love and being able to live decently and still have some hobbies. I’m a pretty simple guy!

–       Who are your favorite artists (painters, writers, composers, movie makers, singer-song writers…)

Writers: David Eddings, Tolkien, Orson Scott Card, Thierry Di Rollo, Jérôme Noirez, Thomas Day, Charles Stross, Peter Watts. I must be forgetting some of them!

–       What is your favorite color? 

I like blue… but I’ve got to tell you that I’m colourblind!

–       What is your favorite virtue?


–       What is your main fault?

I don’t have any. I’m perfect! (Just another silly joke, of course! And it helps me avoiding answering the question too!)

–       What is your favorite place? (country, city, lake, mountain, house, room…)

It depends on my mood, what I did during the last 2 or 3 days, who I’m with… Anywhere I feel good!

–       What do you appreciate most in a friend?

I like people who behave in a very natural way and with whom you can have a great laugh and a pleasant and interesting conversation (silly jokes are part of it, of course!) Being a musician also helps, even if you absolutely don’t have to be one! But I think kindness might be one of the most important things. I also like people who don’t judge or criticize other people.

–       Where would you like to live?

Honestly, I’m not sure yet! But not too far from nature and avoiding big cities is definitely my aim! A village would be awesome!

–       What is your number one dream/goal?

Just like most single people, finding the one. And being a god at guitar too! ^^”


Interview questions imagined by B. and generously answered by Vinnie Dime.


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