Looking for a Writing Challenge?

Wanna be the next Readers’ Award Winner?

If you want to put your writing skills to the test, send us a message – using the email address you use on WordPress – at vipcircle.mugstale@gmail.com. We will then send you an invitation to become a featured author.

Once you have accepted our invitation to contribute to Mug’s Tale, you can submit your posts anytime before the deadline, they will be proofread by one of our editors and published on Mug’s Tale – provided they answer the bi-weekly theme.


Here comes the Weekly Writing Workshop Schedule for the winter season:

– Workshop #31. December 21st – March 21st – “Heart Warming Tale” – “Récit qui réchauffe le coeur” (Quarterly Special – Winter Season)

– Workshop #32. January 1st – January 15 – “Running Away” – “S’enfuir”

Workshop #33. January 15 – January 31 – “Deleted / Erased” – “Supprimé / Effacé”

– Workshop #34. February 1st – February 15 – “A Mosaic” – “Une Mosaïque”

– Workshop #35. February 1st – February 28 – “Slipped” – “Glissé / Echappé”

– Workshop #36. March 1st – March 15 – “Broken / Shattered” – “Cassé / Brisé”

– Workshop #37. March 15 – March 31 – “Out of Breath” – “A bout de souffle / Essoufflé”


For more information check out our Weekly Writing Workshop page.

If those themes don’t inspire you, check out our Featured Challenges page.

Want to write without the pressure of a contest?

We have picked a lot of themes for you to explore, check out our Featured Challenges page.

There again, if you want to submit a text, send us an email at vipcircle.mugstale@gmail.com.


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