WWW#27 – Success – Text #1

Lost Battles



Original text by Ninefifteen

When I was a child
I was the one
You would crush easily
With threats, insults and blames,
The one you would soil
With nasty innuendoes,
The one who would
Believe even the most obvious

I couldn’t speak for myself
— Let alone fight back !
I just didn’t know how
And against me, the others were

Then I grew —
Surrounded by books,
Stories of hope and joy,
Words of truth,
Words of love —
Up until I decided it was
My turn to write
My heart
Out loud

I write for those I love,
For those who suffer,
Those who are
Gone ;
I pour my soul
On paper
And I am no longer
An empty shell
Echoing with pain

I may have lost childhood fights,
But now
I am the one you would bet on
In a battle of wits —

And it feels like
Winning the war.



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