WWW#27 – Success – Text #2


by Hailie Andersen

That was the second time, Timothy walked in this place. It was a case of love at first sight between the man and this hotel. He had not needed many visits to sign the deeds. Just one look and he was all in. That did not happen to him very often, so he had just indulged in the extravagant impulsion.He headed to the elevators. Once he had pushed the button to call down the lift, he looked around. For a second there, he was blown away by his renewed admiration for the old walls he now owned.

An imposing central flight of stairs ran up to the first floor. There it parted in two separate hands that swirled up to the top floor, servicing every other floor on the way. The walls were covered in off-white paint and decorated in classical frescoes, framed in sculptures delicately caressed with a gold leaf touch. It all looked otherworldly to him. That very foreignness made him feel safe in that place. It was, as if those openly exposed heavy front doors were a secret way to another world only visible to the initiated souls.

When the lift arrived, Tim changed his mind. Instead of stepping in and reaching up, he stayed out and sent the lift down to the underground floor. Then he headed up to the stairs. He felt this would make his entrance less predictable and therefore more dramatic. Also he just could not resist a closer look at the wonderful interior of this palace. Conscious of the privilege it was for him to be there, to have accomplished what he had and to own such a splendor, he savored every step of the way and let his mind wander along the path of the picturesque characters depicted on the walls.

He felt like he had just teleported in classical Rome. He was now walking besides Venus, basking in her beauty, imagining her creamy scent filling the air. Ahead of him he recognized, Jupiter. He stared in his direction all the way up observing the might of the king of Gods, sitting on his imposing throne on top of mount Olympus a ray of lightning tamed and clenched in his powerful fist.

A fly landed on Timothy’s cheek and distracted him. He looked up and caught a glimpse of Mercury flying up in his feathery slippers. There, Timothy could not repress a laugh. He imagined how ludicrous seeing such equipment would have felt back then, almost as dangerous and unexplainable as magic, powered by supernatural abilities.

Times had changed. For the better he thought. He could design those shoes in a heartbeat if he wanted to. He could probably even try and match the original design featured on this painting. Science was almighty nowadays. In this world Timothy held just as much power, if not more than Jupiter did long ago.

Except, he was not born a God. He had started as an ordinary man, and had build up his success – every piece of who he was – and specifically implanted every part of the business empire he now owned. He was the mind behind most of the scientific progress of the last century. Timothy could create anything his mind could imagine and he was intent on bringing out his revolutionary ways for the whole world to benefit.

This text is an excerpt of a much larger sci-fi project of mine.

* Talaria is the name that was given to Mercury’s winged sandals forged by the hand Vulcan.


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