WWW #32 – Running Away – Text #1


by B.screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49

Trapped, hands tied, mouth taped,
Slowly I grasp consciousness
I open my eyes,

Discover a den –
Earthen ground, soiled sheets undone
On a dirty bed.

The smell makes me sick.
I want to puke. Settle. Think.
Remember what passed.

A bar, Indie songs,
Playing my favorite “Swing”
Dawn Golden – my sis’

She requested it
To cheer me up – she knows me.
My heart is in pain.

I feel crushed, broken.
Tony – my boyfriend – My heart
Caught and Torn open.

A tear rolling down…
Spotted – a strange man watching,
Casting repeated

Glances. I shiver –
Disgust’s painted all over
My face – I can’t talk.

Gently, my sister
Sends him off – he goes away,
Quits the place at once.

She cracks a joke – laughs,
I mirror, and cheer up – Sigh –
Relief – we order

Drinks – more drinks – and go.
Stepping out, we call a cab
Seconds later. Wow!

How fast it shows up!
Way sooner than expected.
‘Must have been waiting

Round the corner – sweet!
We step in – destination
Stated – not a word

He nods – and drives on
We chat, then pass out – he stops.
Smoked glass I can’t see

Out. My sister – gone
I pound, scream, grab the handle
It’s locked – my phone – gone

I yell my sis’ name
The door squeaks – shivers. kick. Scream
Bang! Bang! – I black out

— That stench! Horrid stench!
My sister – Sis’! Where are you?!
I need to get rid

Of these bounds – clawing
At my skin – I keep moving
They loosen up – ouch!

My wrist – twisted – argh!
Blinding Pain gushing in waves
That stench – I throw up

There he comes in – masked.
He sees the mess I have made.
Back out, he walks – Retch!

My hands – finally
Free – feverishly, I grab
At my feet – untied.

I get up, stumble,
And start running away – out
The door swings open.

Red Sea – there is blood
All over. Round the corner,
I see her – Lil’ Sis’!

I repress a scream,
And rush to her, wrap her up
In my arms. I try

To get her up – gasp –
Grab her hand. Her skin is ice –
Reddened, and lifeless.

I crumble down. Tears
And sobs – uncontrollable –
Stopped by my hand. Sobs.

I take her pulse – none.
I hit at her chest – again,
And again – lifeless,

She remains. I blow
Air down her lungs – over and
Over – no response.

I struggle back up,
And drag her, try to hold on
To her hopelessly.

I walk a few steps,
And crash down – I burst in tears
Between sobs I hear..

..Steps. I crawl away.
Still holding her close. He breaks
Into a soulless

Fit, bursts out laughing –
Again and again. He mocks
Me – relentlessly.

Mimics my gestures,
And then just sits there – content
With his work – he sighs,

And just goes, takes off.
He doesn’t look back – removes
His mask far away.

Then, in the distance,
I hear a soft engine throb.
I hold her. She’s gone.

I burst out in tears,
And lie there beside her, still.
A familiar tune

Breaks Death’s silent veil.
Her phone springs to life, vibrates
On her chest – tightly

Tucked in her bra – vbrr,
Lalala – unnerving sounds.
I let it ring, fill

The death bound silence
Surrounding us still. It keeps
Beeping. I dig in.

It feels wrong – guilty.
I feel like it’s all my fault.
I pick up and cry.

Words don’t come out. Sobs.
I shake uncontrollably,
Holding her body.


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