WWW#33 – Deleted / Erased – Text #3

One Sunny Afternoon

An original text by Ninefifteen

The first time my newborn brother
Smiled at me ;

The first time I met
My closest childhood friend —
My best man, if I ever get married ;

The first time I fell
In love —
And learnt the meaning of
Unrequited ;

The first time a woman
Poured into my ears
Words of love,
And the first time her hands
Turned the innocent child within me
Into a fiery
Creature of flesh and blood ;

It may take decades but
I will forget them all
As I load fresh memories.

There is one, though
That I could not erase
Even if I were to exist
For centuries —

That one sunny afternoon,
When I witnessed the breeze
Gently embrace
Your ashes

0202172000 – 0202172048

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