WWW #35 – Slipped – Text #1



by The Gold Hourglass 

I was walking on this trail, the dim light helped me find the right path. With time the light was fading and I was further from where I started. In an unknown place still walking, curious and excited I kept moving.

Darkness settled over me, blanketing the path and blinding me. I was now lost and every step was on rocky ground. I missed a step and slipped. Falling down I scraped my knees and bruised my arms. I finally gave up, sat down and hugged my knees to my chest. I fell, because I was left alone, the light had let me slip. Shaking and in solitary, I told myself that I didn’t belong here, on the ground. I mustered all my courage and strength, and stood up again. I walked more carefully off the ground this time, trusting it as I did the light. I felt my path and learnt the way out. Soon, the light returned beaming at me pulling me close. I stayed rooted to the ground and closed my eyes. I was not letting myself slip again.


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