WWW #38 – Escape – Text #2

Motion Still 

by B.


Bodies asking and answering each other’s moves.

Heat rising, skins gently brushing, pressing.

Weightless figure floating, adjusting.

Hearts racing, skipping, aroused.


Muscles tensing and relaxing.

Gentle powerful crush,

Soft caress turns








Soft kisses.


Eyes linger on


Sweet presence.

Fingers travel on skin.

Carved bodylines observed,


Wondered, wandered. Letting it

All sink in, eyes exchange, express

Hearty smiles. Happiness spreads and

Sends ripples to lips. Hearts burst out laughing.




Bliss tapped.

Crossroad ride, hearts untied,

Head on shoulder rests.

Eyes closed, minds opened wide.

New souls watch the whole thing unfold,

As if perched up above.


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