WWW #39 – Booked – Text #1

Destinées contrariées


Il appelle le restaurant

“Une table pour deux, s’il vous plait.”

Il avait tout organisé.

Il pensait que tout se passerait

Comme il l’avait imaginé.

He calls the restaurant

“A table for two, please.”

He had it all mapped out.

He thought that everything would go

Exactly as he had imagined.


Il viendrait la chercher,

Elle lui sourirait.

Elle serait tellement belle,

Encore plus belle

Que durant la journée.

He would come pick her up,

She would smile to him.

She would be so beautiful,

Even more beautiful

Than during the day.



Pour elle, il se lèverait.

Il tirerait sa chaise,

Et la laisserait s’asseoir

D’un geste tout en légèreté,

For her, he would stand,

He would pull her chair,

And let her sit

In a graceful move,


Enivré par la proximité

De cette valse des corps

Dansée sans même se toucher.

Son parfum envoutant …


Il est emporté rien qu’à l’idée d’y goûter.

Intoxicated by the proximity

Of their waltzing bodies

Dancing without ever touching.

Under the spell of her scent…


 He is transported… just thinking about the prospect of her taste.




Sa tête tourne. Il essaie de se lever.

Rien à faire, il est bloqué,

Sa vision troublée. Des étoiles

Dansent devant ses yeux.

His head is spinning. He tries to get up.

There is nothing he can do. He is stuck.

His vision blurred. Stars are spinning

Before his eyes.


Ce ne sont pas les étincelles qu’il espérait.

Il est allé courir. Il se sentait léger,

Tellement léger. Un peu trop léger…

Il était tant emporté,


Qu’il n’avait pas pensé à se rassasier.

These are not the sparks he had hoped for.

He went for a run. He felt light,

So light. Slightly too light…

He was so blown away,


That he had forgotten to satiate his base hunger.





Ses fonctions de survie usurpées

Par la projection d’un moment

Qu’il avait entièrement planifié.

Les sirènes retentissent pour l’emporter.

His survival mode usurped

By the projection of a moment

He had entirely planned.

Sirens are calling taking him away.


Sa vision fantasmée est contrariée

Par la force d’une réalité ancrée

Dans son corps. La vie l’a vite attrapé.

Il sombre dans l’oubli.

His fantasised vision is hampered

By the force of a reality anchored

In his body. Life has swiftly caught up with him.

He sinks into oblivion.



Elle s’est apprêtée,

Adonnée à ses rituels qu’elle entreprend

Pour se préparer à rencontrer

Un homme qui lui plait.


She got ready,

Engaged in rituals that she indulges in,

When she is about to meet

A man she likes.


Une douche chaude, relaxante,

Une serviette douce enveloppante,

De la crème appliquée en massage

Sur sa peau tendre, la tête dans les étoiles.

A hot, relaxing, shower,

A soft, enveloping towel,

Cream massaged

Onto her tender skin, head amidst the stars.


Ses cheveux démêlés, pointes huilées,

Des boucles ondulantes, gonflées

Par la chaleur soufflée,

Flottent sur ses épaules.

Her hair untangled, oiled tips,

Undulating curls, inflated

By blowing heat,

Billow on her shoulders.


Enivrée par les senteurs qui l’enveloppent.

Empressée de le retrouver.

Une touche de parfum appliquée.

Le crayon noir redessine le contour de ses yeux.

Inebriated by the scents floating around her.

Eager to meet him

A touch of perfume applied.

The black kohl liner traces the contours of her eyes.


Ses lèvres hydratées légèrement colorées,

Teint unifié, robe enfilée.

Perchée sur des talons,

Qu’elle s’est entrainée à porter,

Her lips moisturised and lightly coloured,

Her complexion even, a dress on,

Perched up on a pair of heels,

She had been training to wear,


En pensant au moment où ce jour viendrait.

Elle prépare son étole et la dépose à ses cotés.

Elle se fond dans la musique et s’installe sur le canapé.

Elle l’attend, patiemment,


Les yeux rivés sur son téléphone aux aguets.


Preparing for the moment when this day would come

She grabs her shawl et lays it down by her side.

She ives in the music and settles on the couch.

Patiently, she waits for him,


Her eyes on the watch, riveted on her phone.




9 thoughts on “WWW #39 – Booked – Text #1

  1. Oh so cruel. Why would you do this to this poor, poor man? 😅
    I love your descriptions, the whole “waltzing bodies” section is perfect. It’s the happiest moment before reality sets in and your writing reflects that, the sounds bringing a smile to my face 🙂. And the fact I got to read it twice just doubled that smile 😄.
    The girl’s perspective was just heartbreaking. The slow pace left me simmering in the knowledge of what was coming, but having no way of preventing it.
    But maybe there’s hope for this man still. How would you feel about a man who collapsed at the merest thought of you? If you believed his story in the first place 😅.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe! I didn’t do anything ^^ The story did and your imagination is responsible for that interpretation. The text leaves a lot of narrative gaps for your own mind to fill. So really you did grant him that terrible fate. How could you?^^

      Thank you for your lovely comment and I am so happy you liked that verse. It is my favorite too.

      Haha yeah I figured Mug’s Tale needed me to work on it a bit. It has been neglected as of late. I am ecstatic you could feel the slow pace in her preparation rituals. I really wanted to get that impression through.

      In my mind there was hope. Just an obstacle on the way. If you don’t want the poor man dead, just let him be alive in your mind. I know he still is in mine and that makes up for a lovely follow up with an interesting starting story to share with friends over dinner and wine.

      Ps: he collapsed because he forgot to eat, because he was too engrossed in preparing for everything and having a perfect date ^^

      haha How would I feel? I wonder… I would be surprised and would ask the guy to please chill, no pressure, there is all the time in our lives to make me dream and do big things to show me his love. It doesn’t all hang in on that one date.

      We live in a consumer society that makes us feel like we can be disposed off easily if we don’t score quickly. I don’t believe in that, and tend not to attract people who feel that way. To me bonding is essential. It grows on you and relieves you of such pressure.

      Thinking time is always on your side to help you build a strong connection is a very positive way to construct your own life and web it with others. Getting to know them and building friendship brick by brick is also much lighter in terms of weight on your shoulder.

      We tend to put so much pressure on first dates… on moments. When it is not really the first moments that count, it is the sum of all the moments you share and the beauty of the special occasions you create. Momentum should grow with time and be unbreakable if you really deeply know each other and care. When all the momentum hangs in the first date and how perfect it is and feels, to me it just can’t work. Life is too messy and unpredictable in nature for that, and that is also what makes it beautiful and exciting to live. Don’t put pressure on yourself or on others in anticipation. Create moments, enjoy them, thrive in them. I believe that is a recipe for happiness.

      Haha this should be a post… not a comment! :p

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, oh no. I’m so sorry, you poor thing.
        But there’s still hope in my mind anyway. My imagination has him missing the first date, leaving her angry and upset, requiring a grandiose display to show to her that he really does care. And only the reader would know that it wasn’t the content that was the real display, it was that he did the work to spare her the guilt of being upset with him. (I like to belive he’d probably tell her sooner or later when he can laugh off her guilt 😅).
        And yes, you probably could write a post on this, you’d get some extra likes from me at least 😉. But for now, I suppose I’ll be happy with what I’ve got. You’re comment still has the beautiful passion you’ve managed to enchant into your words.

        I was actually checking back into Mug’s Tale every so often recently, hoping to surprise you with actually writing something, but, alas, you beat me to it 😉.

        Liked by 1 person

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