Featured Challenge #27 – Ghosts – Text#2

Escaping This World

by Garry Vakarian

« See? That wasn’t so complicated. » Priya words echoed in the empty void. Except I wasn’t listening. My mind and my attention were absorbed by the lingering image of Devon’s eyes – my first departed. She was chosen as my first culling and final exam for the Reaper’s assignment. She was staying at her favorite place, a small lake in the valley near her hometown. Her boyfriend had dumped her, and she had a mental breakdown at her work after that. Being fired from her job, and let go by the person, whom she thought was the love of her life was too much. She didn’t see the point of continuing her existence. After a rather short and grim post on her facebook page, she ended her life in the place she liked the most.

And it was I who had to take her soul to the afterlife.

In Purgatory, prior to meeting Devon, my supervisor Priya gave me the file on her case. Standard operating procedure required me to check it in order to better accompany the dead, and to effectively extract her soul from her body. In her dossier, I had access to a short summary of her life, the causes explaining her death and the location of the body. More importantly for my job, it had what we could call an autopsy report. In short, it gave the M.O. of her death, and how to “cull” or should I say extract her soul from the physical world and body. You see, the scythe isn’t just for show; it was our tool for exacting the incision freeing the essence of a person. Continue reading


Featured Challenge #27 – Ghosts – Text #1


by Garry Vakarian

Department of Public Security, Homeland Surveillance Bureau.

MEMO 0025310117

Erased agents, a.ka Ghosts

A ghost is somebody or something that can move around and interact without being seen. However it can also be someone so insignificant to others that his/her actions go unnoticed. Both types are useful in our line of work, since they accomplish their task without public or media attention. In the bureau we call them Shadows rather than the official Erased Agent designation. The first kind uses it [the ability of being a ghost] to its advantage while the other is literally one, leaving nothing but an impression of déjà vu in people’s minds. Continue reading

WWW #26 – “Postponing”- Text #1


Hold please

by Garry Vakarian

Lately, weird thoughts have been racing through my mind, things I’ve never really been bothered to care about. Up until now.

For a few weeks, I’ve been feeling different, evolving. My inner and outer shell is mutating and I can sense it. However this change is starting to creep me out the more I notice it.

Is my being becoming a better version of me or a hopeless attempt to fit into a new society?

Thinking about that mutagen running inside me questions everything I’ve known so far about myself. It motivates me to be better, proud of myself and accidentally opens up new ventures. The more I get accustomed to it, the more alien I feel. Adjusting to something that’s new is one thing, but when it creates new rifts and paradigms inside you, how do you respond to it? Continue reading

WWW #19 – Impossible – Text #1

Rendez-Vous at Hershel’s Tavern

by Garry Vakarian

The meeting was at Henshel’s tavern at dusk. However, each one of them had a quest of their own to finish before meeting the others at the famed watering hole.

First Sir Gallagher of the order of the Golden Finger had to locate, and bring back, a powerful steed from the stables of Wolkstown. It could have been a simple mission but Wolkstown would never let any foreigners buy one of their pride horses. Even during wars against other city-states, they would rather lose a battle and kill their horses rather than had the enemy capture a single one. So in order to accomplish his deed, Sir Gallagher had to sneak into the town, find the right stable and disguise the horse to look like a common Peugento draft horse. Since he had to work unnoticed, he opted to start at sundown and use the shadows. Then the horse’s power and speed on the way back would render him able to join the others at the tavern just in time. Continue reading

Garry Vakarian’s Autobiography

Unfortunately just a part time writer thanks to a time consuming job, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it!

My writer’s focus is on short stories set in cyberpunk worlds, heroic fantasy or a mix of both. Usually I like to connect them to our world, because I’m too lazy to create a new setting ex-nihilo.

Also setting my stories in our known realm helps me a lot, because I like to picture them first rather than start from words. I like to give as much details as possible so readers can “see” what I’m writing on about. Though giving too many details or information can kill the narrative, and I’m struggling with it sometimes.

My work is heavily inspired by anime shows, video games or movies around those themes, so my creativity is somewhat a byproduct of mashing all those influences in my head.

My next step will involve history-fiction but for now, they’re just few doodles in the corner of my brain trying to connect together. For now my mind is full of lovey-dovey stuff about relationships and exotic travels (that’s better than thinking about solitude and depression, if you ask me). All I can share is a title so here we go, [ahem]:

Saoporo! or How World War Three Became the First Fantasy War.

That’s all for now but I can’t end without crediting a very dear friend of mine who introduced me (again) to the art of writing, the one and only Hailie Andersen

Read her stuff, it’s really good!

www #17 – Padlock – Text #3

Future Unlocking

By Garry Vakarian

The Agency’s target was Tony Cabalero. Caucasian male, age 42, and more importantly head of the science division of Genetek Inc. The man himself was irrelevant but what was in him made him invaluable. Indeed in order to keep track of his branch’s latest researches, he was the only one authorized to upload them from the company’s mainframe into his cyberbrain. All other employees with access to them had to wipe the data from their memory every time they exited the lab. And since the mainframe of Genetek was hidden deep into a vault inside the company’s headquarter, direct access was impossible. Continue reading

WWW #16 – Partners in Crime – Text #2

Grand Theft Stiletto

By Garry Vakarian

The night was clear and quiet. For once, the town looked like a ghost town and not a zombie mayhem. Graham and Annabelle traveled on the main street half asleep on the back of their centaur mounts. They had been searching for Rufus for two days already. The last time they saw him was at the park when he tried – unsuccessfully – to kill a human survivor to cull his soul and finish his reaper trainee exam. That was when a bunch of centaurs showed up out of nowhere, and started trampling everything in sight. Since they were prompt to succumb to bloodrage, the more violent they got the more their cognitive abilities got drained in the process. In the end, most of them became mindless animals and were used in the netherworld as beasts of burdens. Continue reading