WWW #35 – Slipped – Text #1



by The Gold Hourglass 

I was walking on this trail, the dim light helped me find the right path. With time the light was fading and I was further from where I started. In an unknown place still walking, curious and excited I kept moving. Continue reading


WWW #33 – Deleted / Erased – Text #1

Remembering Your Smile

by The Gold Hourglass screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-21-50-49

I fell on my knees, the phone slipping from my fingers. I knew someone was still talking on the other side, consoling. You were gone, and that’s all I knew. Lost forever after years of walking together. Continue reading

Featured Challenge #4 – Memories – Text #1 


by The Gold Hourglass

Crusted blood on my shirt, arrows shot fast at me, and yet I sensed no fear. I sought revenge for the day I was thrust into the depths of dark fear.

Images of that day always flashed before me. Images of my father, my brother, and my betrothed lying in a heap with their throats slit. The sound of Evil’s laughter in the form of my cousin, our general who had turned on us. He did this to taunt me to remind me that he was in control.   Continue reading