WWW#1 – A Fork in the Road – Text #4

It’s Time to Choose

by Garry Vakarian

I was standing there, in the middle of the subway train. The man in the dark suit was in front of me, and gestured his hand between the exit of the car and the seat behind me. Either I get out, and accept his offer to work for him and the government, or I stay in the sub, and it sends me God knows where… Continue reading


WWW #1 – A Fork in the Road – Text #2

A Fork in the Road

by B.

When I reach a fork in the road,

And pick a way,

I don’t look back, no way.


I move right ahead,

And to the future.


“What” and “If”s are altogether too pricy,

Painful, and incompatible with reality.

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WWW#1 – A la Croisée des Chemins – Texte #1

Tisse et détisse

Texte original écrit par Ninefifteen

L’être humain est la fascinante somme de ce à quoi il ressemble, de son hérédité, de ses relations, de ses actes, de ce qu’il aime et de ce qu’il déteste, de ce qu’il ressent et de ce qui l’indiffère, de ce qu’il donne et reçoit. Continue reading