WWW #38 – Escape – Text#3

by B. 

I’m giving you space,
But you are taking so much,
It feels like escape. Continue reading


WWW #38 – Escape – Text #2

Motion Still 

by B.


Bodies asking and answering each other’s moves.

Heat rising, skins gently brushing, pressing.

Weightless figure floating, adjusting.

Hearts racing, skipping, aroused.


Muscles tensing and relaxing.

Gentle powerful crush,

Soft caress turns


Earthquakes. Continue reading

WWW #38 – Escape – Text #1

Red Ocean

by B. 

She was standing alone
Thinking about her boy at home
Assembling in her mind
A list of groceries
She could not afford to buy.

Sitting by the window,
He takes a deep breath,
Closes his eyes and boom!
He is at the station,
Hopping on a train.


His destination takes
But a second to reach.
He is now sitting in the sand,
Listening to the waves,
Breathing in the ocean.


She comes in.


He was waiting for her.

Continue reading