Featured Challenge #21 – Body – Text #2

Bleeding Out

by B.


This pain is debilitating,

Each month recurring,

Programmed like clockwork,

Neat and lasting

Just as long as it should.


Dark powerful, undermining

Gashes I can’t escape.

I am stuck here,

Lying on my back,

Short of breath,

Hot, and trembling,


Prisoner of this body,

I have been stuck with since birth. Continue reading


Featured Challenge #7 – Time – Text #2


About Time

by B.

I require a sharp harness, a remote, high-tech device to take control.

I cannot wait. It is slipping away. Evading. Passing by.

I cannot capture it. I cannot pause it,

Nor stop it, I need to tame it,

Bend it to my will

Expend it,

Yet it is

Speeding by,

Disappearing, reappearing

Turning back, skipping forward,

It is a slippery matter. It seems to roar, evolve

And revolve with a will of its own. It waves a sense of fate.

History. Destiny. I need to escape. Still. Relentlessly, it shoves it in my face.

First published on Diary of a Soul Writer

Featured Challenge #8 – Gender Barriers – Text #2


by B.

Do sadly deemed obvious, normal, regular, ordinary, base lines work on you?

Please friends, do tell me if they do. 

Moves awaited, repetitive to the point of expecting the slash of the next whiplash even before it is fired at you – do they ever, ever work, really?

Please friends, do tell me if they do. 


I feel dirty and overexposed. 

My eyes are sore from sights, they can never un-see.  Continue reading

Featured Challenge #2 – Screens – Text #2


by B.

Why is it that we need to share and connect so much with virtual people, or real people who are not in the room? So much so that we dismiss the presence of those who are.

Have not you noticed that you spend more time on your phone, starring at your agitated screens, checking your messages or writing some than actually talking to people, looking into people’s eyes?

We spend more time sharing pictures and commenting on what we do than spending those moments with those we cherish.

Why is it that Continue reading

Featured Challenge #23 – Music – Text #1


by B.

Between an artist and their instrument

I believe there is a bond, forged in an instant,

Tantamount to mystical action. Within you reach out.

Withal you pour in. You start playing – the sounds, the notes,

The feel, its grip – that link is stronger than you. You dive in and merge.


Emerge higher. It takes over. It holds

You tighter than anything else ever before.

You are tied together yet you feel unbound, free.

You keep playing. Eyes closed. Aware. You can see clearly

Perceive. Around you the world has changed. Or maybe you have.


You have found another part of you.

Your senses. Heightened. You have grown.

You are one step closer to who you were meant to be.

This soulful entity belongs to your reality. Latched on to you.

It hosts your soul and you are its harbour. Haven and safe keeper.


One to the other. Reciprocally. Bound forever.


My first idea for a title to this piece was Ollivander’s then when I reread it in the morning Spellbound came to mind and it felt like it was a great fit, as it would speak to those who are not Rowling’s fans as well.

The wand chooses the wizard. That much has always been clear to those of us who have studied wandlore… These connections are complex. An initial attraction, and then a mutual quest for experience, the wand learning from the wizard, the wizard from the wand.

—Garrick Ollivander explaining wands connections to wizards in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling.


This post was first published on Diary of a Single Thirty Somethinghere is the link to the original post.