WWW#20 – A Key – Texte #3


La Forteresse

Texte original par Ninefifteen

Tom m’avait parlé de sa famille. Il m’avait dit qu’elle pouvait être envahissante, que parfois il se sentait enfermé lorsqu’il passait du temps avec ses proches. Lui-même a hérité de ce côté possessif, mais il a compris la limite entre “très présent” et “collant”. Il a compris aussi que pour moi la solitude n’est pas un fardeau mais une bénédiction, dont j’ai besoin régulièrement.

C’est pour cela qu’après quelques ajustements dans nos façons de vivre, nous avons fini par bâtir une relation qui fonctionne malgré nos différences.

Mais je ne peux pas en demander autant à sa famille. Après tout, ce n’est pas avec eux que je sors. Continue reading


WWW #20 – Key – Text #2


Jo1 – Goodbye World

by Hailie Andersen

5:00 PM – three hours prior to decommissioning

Resting in foliage shadows, I contemplate the day I have had and what I could do of my remaining hours. I went hiking with my brother – we climbed up to lake Critol. I called my sister and my best friend. I had a great laugh with both of them.

Today is the last day of my life. I was programmed to be decommissioned now on the day I was born. We all are to some extend – Humans or Machines. Though I doubt it would feel the same not to know when your lease on life expires.

In the end, I opted to just lie down there, in the grass, enjoying the piercing rays of sun warming up my stainless steel cells. I figured that was the best way to go. Lying there basking in delight, without a care in the world.


6:00 PM – two hours prior to decommissioning

Today – and every day since I was born – I have lived my life to the fullest. I lived it that way, because I knew it would end soon, precisely when the timer on my neck would stop. This also meant I knew that it would not stop any other time – unless I threw myself in front of a moving train or something violent enough to damage me beyond repair.

Lizzie – my best friend, the one I called today as I mentioned above – is human. She is torn about my upcoming scheduled unplugging. She wasted weeks, months of her life in lawyering battles trying to get Machines to gain a longer timespan. She thinks twenty years is way too short.

In exactly two hours someone will press a key and send my consciousness back to the stream of data that gave it birth. It will merge with the rest and be a particle in this giant AI pool.

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