WWW #21 – Protection – Text #1


by Hailie Andersen

He did not believe in love at first sight. That was before he met her.

He was sitting at his desk. His face buried in his hands. Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He had been trying to hide his sad state of mind from his coworkers. Trying too hard to keep those feelings bottled in. How could everything have gone so wrong? He was playing and replaying the day in that thick head of his, but none of it made sense.


All he wanted to do was help her, protect her. All he ended up doing was to tear her heart apart. He looked back at this whole mess, trying to pinpoint when it all went out of hand. Then it all came rushing back to him. Not the dark times, but the great ones.


He remembered how he felt the day he first laid eyes on her. He fell for her on the spot. Her shiny black curls cascading on her shoulders, she was wearing an empire white dress with large strokes of forest green paint printed on it. They formed abstract patterns reminiscent of spring and flowers. Continue reading


Featured Challenge #19 – Love Letters – Text #3

Let the past out and the future in.

by B.

You have told me, you come with baggage.

That of a life lived, and scorched and erected back

into you. That is the who you are now.


Now I am telling you. If you want a we,

you gotta lay it all down, and lay back. Enjoy.

Bite, and live, and thrive in the now. Imagine

the future. Don’t project the past.


Put it all down, and feel weightless. Enjoy

Love’s way, and how it makes you whole

again, new in your own skin.



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