Featured Challenge #18 – Sounds – Text #3


by Divergent Candour


I’ve always loved the night

With its far flung dome

Of black and white

Twinkling and crinkling

Like so many pearls

Washed up and shining on a beach somewhere.


I used to sneak out of my room

Careful of every creak and groan

Loud silence echoing

With every cautious step

The Boogeyman grinning

Right over my shoulder; invisible.


The winds would whistle

The trees would creak

A silent orchestra wound up

Unseen fingers of sticks and reed

And still the night sky

Beckoned, imperious and enchanting.


I could feel the cold

Seep into my bones

A new sort of music

From chattering teeth

But those stars seemed to laugh at me

The universe was much colder.


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Featured Challenge #18 – Sounds – Text #1

An Eerie Night 

By Hailie Andersen

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It is nighttime. I am lying down in bed, starring into the void of the ceiling sheltering me from the starry night out. The Alpine chalet is really old. It is breathing past and life. Its wooden panels are creaking. I can hear the burning wood crackling in the fireplace next door, and my friends still chatting in quiet voices. Familiar tones, laughs, and whispers in the dark.

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