Featured Challenge #11 – On the Train – Text #3

The Laws of Attraction

by B.


When I met your gaze, I was captivated.

After a few stops, the guy next to me

Stepped out, and you sat in his place.


With your presence close by

I was inspired. Line after line,

A new story was pouring on the page.


You were inhabiting my character.

I did not even know your name,

But you had become my stirring muse.


You were observing me. Continue reading


Featured Challenge #11 – Les Voyages en train – Texte #2

Les Retrouvailles

Texte original écrit par Loermont

Au milieu d’un vacarme incessant, les yeux rivés sur le panneau d’affichage, il attend le moment libérateur où la voie va s’afficher. Mais il est encore trop tôt. Le temps semble se dilater, retardant le moment du départ. Continue reading